Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal
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It was a first-of-its-kind online dating site, one where the clients were already married and looking to have an affair. While Ashley Madison drew rebuke and ridicule for its product, its business soared, with millions of married people across the globe subscribing to the service. But hackers who infiltrated their system made an ultimatum: shut Ashley Madison down or we’ll release all of your customers’ data. Not only did the fortunes of the company hang in the balance, but so did the relationships of all those unfaithful spouses who thought they were paying for discretion. The Netflix documentary series Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal looks into the rise of the notorious website and the headline-grabbing 2015 data breach. It also tells the stories of those who used the site and faced the public and private consequences of exposure.  In this episode of You Can't Make This Up, host Rebecca Lavoie interviews director Toby Paton. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal yet, make sure to add it to your watch-list before listening on.  Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts.
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