Golden Mantras & Blessed Girl Syndrome with Destiny Taylor (aka The Mama Green)
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"Affirm that you are the love of your life. Promise to go hard for your happiness and peace. You are no longer your own worst enemy" - Destiny Taylor. In this reminiscing episode, we go back to the memory of connecting with Destiny Taylor (aka The Mama Green), creator of the affirmation deck, GOLDEN MANTRAS. Destiny's journey began with a desire to see herself reflected in her tarot readings, leading to the birth of this deck featuring 33 daily affirmations from her own spiritual diary, adorned with empowering depictions of herself. Enjoy the minisode! Full episode released September 23rd, 2023 More info, ways to connect and sponsors' special offers are in the show notes. Our Sponsors: * Check out Thrive Causemetics and use my code MAGIC for a great deal: Support this podcast at β€” Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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