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With the thrust and parry of rigorous debate, Mehdi Hasan cuts through the headlines to challenge conventional wisdom, highlight contradictions and uncover double standards.
Al Jazeera journalists and guests dissect and discuss the day’s top story.
A weekly programme that examines and dissects the world's media, how they operate and the stories they cover.
Al Jazeera’s weekly investigative documentary programme that looks at the use and abuse of power.
An inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.
A weekly programme that examines and dissects the world's media, how they operate and the stories they cover.
A weekly programme examining the US and its role in the world by asking tough questions and holding the powerful to account.
Interviews with attitude, tackling the big issues of our time with Mehdi Hasan.
A weekly showcase of one-hour documentary films from across the Al Jazeera Network.
From addiction to digital devices to the search for the roots of yoga, Al Jazeera correspondents take us on their journeys of discovery.
This series gives a voice to modern-day slaves, goes in search of the slave masters and asks why slavery persists.
On The Debrief, we put things in perspective - the Al Jazeera perspective. Others tell you where the missiles were fired from. We talk to you from where they land. Our journalists around the world bring in-depth stories and conversations to help you understand our planet just a little bit...
An aggregator of online sources and discussion, seeking out unheard voices, new perspectives and untold angles.
A weekly current affairs documentary programme that focuses on Asia, its diverse cultures, and conflicting politics.
Two people, two different life experiences, one intelligent conversation. Searching for the intersections between new ideas, shared experiences and how to succeed in resolving global issues.
A weekly look at the world's top business and economics stories.
Al Jazeera journalists sit down with top newsmakers from around the world.
A weekly take on US politics and policies and how they affect the world.
Planet SOS sets out to explore issues around climate, nature and pollution that make up the crisis the planet faces.
The story of the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.
Al Jazeera's award-winning series explores solutions to today’s environmental challenges.
A series exploring how the latest scientific and technological discoveries are changing our lives.
Independent filmmakers utilise the power of storytelling to reveal the impact of global events on local communities.
Journeys to the frontiers of global health, from cutting-edge breakthroughs to advances in affordable care.
The best features from Al Jazeera English, narrated so you can listen to them on the go. A collection of true stories featuring people behind the headlines.