Pros and Cons is a podcast that looks at the ups and downs of different topics. Hosted by Jack Sommer and Kevin De Los Santos, they talk about anything you can imagine.
Off Mic is a podcast about the latest in music and culture, especially within hip hop and R&B in particular. Hosted by Pedro Pincay and Solomon, natives of The Bronx, they'll cover any music releases that happen, the latest news of the culture, and whatever else that pops off.
We follow the path of new baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani, a two-way player who came to the MLB from Japan as both a pitcher and hitter. Now in Season 2, we'll see how he follows up winning Rookie Of The Year in 2018 and getting Tommy John surgery during the offseason. He's come back action in...
SeeMore! is a podcast about film and television, looking at it through the specific lenses of a certain movie or show. Whether it's the score of Phantom Thread or the intro for Twin Peaks, the show’s host Joan Gonzalez will break down what kind of contribution that specific element makes to the...
Collection is a podcast about sneakers, fashion, and everything in-between. Topics might be about shoes from Air Jordans to Nike SB’s, brands from Supreme to Balenciaga, or people from Virgil Abloh to Sean Wotherspoon. Hosted by Adam Schultz and Diego Barreto.
A mini-recap each week of the CessPool network shows. This includes Four Quarters, Collection, Pros and Cons, Off Mic, as well as SeeMore! We also give occasional info about the network and hosts overall. Each episode voiced by a different host.