Electric Shadow Network
A book club that focuses on work written for young/middle readers, presented by and featuring the staff of Camp Half-Blood, Austin Branch.
Brett Terpstra explores the idea that all work is creative work, welcoming a different guest each week.
1-on-1 conversations about better sex, powered by science.
Christina Warren & Brett Terpstra have odd sleep schedules. They nerd out over varied interests: gadgets, software, and life in a connected world. Tune in to find out what keeps them up at night.
Helping new, lapsed, and long-time comic readers discover new characters, stories, and creators.
An in-depth, episode by episode look at the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks. Join co-hosts Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz as he walks her through the twists and turns of David Lynch's serial drama for her first time in this ESN.fm Limited Edition Series.
What do you do when trying to do (or avoid doing) work? Coffee & Cider is a show about two self-employed people motivating (or de-motivating) themselves and each other before hitting their mutual nightly deadlines.
Analyzing movies, TV, and games from creation to consumption
First-person stories from Unconsoleable host and IT professional Jessica Dennis. She thinks of these as "dumb stories about my dumb life," told at least once a month.
A show telling the story of the legendary film and special features curation done by The Criterion Collection, going all the way back to 1984.
Guess what? Not all video games are about shooting people in the face or driving recklessly! Games have evolved into a rich and varied medium where there's something for everyone. No gaming experience? No console? No idea where to start? Enter your heroines, Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis.
A show from BEYOND the concept of a show about nothing. The only hope for Earth: our plan to rebuild society, which hinges upon #FourDollarLunch. Welcome to Humanity: Volume Seven.
Comic book panel show Giant Size, uncut Artist Edition interviews, and related Test Pattern pre/post-shows from ESN.fm
All of the shows broadcast on ESN.fm
A look at the world of Customer Service: how to solve (or avoid) horror stories and make life better for everyone involved.
Electric Shadow, uncut Screen Time interviews, and related Test Pattern pre/post-shows from ESN.fm
Extended interviews featured on Artist Edition
A few minutes documenting each day. Nightly news and musings free-associating the happenings of the day.
Extended interviews featured on Electric Shadow