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All the Shit I’ve Learned Abroad is a travel podcast focussed on everything and anything related to travel. Hosts Steph Paige and Andrea Gillis, both now Canadian expats with Steph living in Australia and Andrea in the UK, come together remotely each week to record episodes based on their own...
LEMON delivers the latest juice of celebrity & pop culture news, candid conversations with celebrities and influencers, as well as social and cultural topics from a queer Asian Australian perspective. Hosted by Phillip Kuoch and Thomas Tan. Support this show
John Robles and Concetta Caristo are comedians with unique, fresh perspectives - he's gay and she's Italian. Join these girlbosses each week as they talk pop culture, relationships, and whatever the hell they want.
Your #1 source of all things pop culture, politics, penis and pussy. Oh Dear!
Each fortnight, hosts Lauren and Alicia delve into a ‘deviant’ woman from history, fiction, mythology and the contemporary world: those who aren’t afraid to break the rules, to subvert the system, to explore, to seek and to challenge the status quo.
Every episode hosts Paul Mizzi, Lucy Thomas, and Brendan Levi delve in to the wonderful world of the body swap trope in their inane quest to find gold in an oversaturated genre.
The Gays Are Revolting is a dissection of social and cultural issues relevant to gay men. We put the G in LGBTQIA+, and we’re here to help you be the best G you can be.
A quick daily hit of The Fabulous Adam Richard and his theories about Doctor Who. Episode reactions the morning of broadcast, explainers for non-Who fans and wild diversions into everything from shark teeth to Grey’s Anatomy. Support this show
One Shot is a podcast celebrating fan fiction written for and by women and members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Each episode, Michelle interviews a fanfiction writer from a different fandom. From One Direction, to Star Wars, to Savage Garden, Michelle's guests discuss the writing process, how the...
Madelaine Cherrington thinks we need to start having more honest and varied conversations about mental illness. Join Madelaine fortnightly for inspiring one on one interviews with people who bravely share their mental health journey.
Buckle up Sodomites! The Sinister Sissies Podcast is your gateway to gay true crime, homoerotic horror and all things man-on-man and macabre!
Welcome to Word of The Gay, a weekly podcast dissecting common words in the queer lexicon. Hosts Brendy and Leni will tackle a new word every week, taking a deep dive into its origin, contemporary usage, how it’s used in pop culture and how its perceived by different members of our community.
The podcast that dares to binge-watch, deep-dive, and breakdown a season of television each and every episode!
Diva. Icon. Legend... and now she’s got Twitter. A comedic journey down the rabbit hole that is Cher’s Twitter feed. What does Cher think about? Who are her followers? How is her emoji use interpreted? The deeper you go, the more questions you’ll have. From the politically charged, to the...
Everything you never wanted to know about our people, and all the things you are too terrified to ask.Scott Brennan, Adam Richard and Toby Sullivan present a putrid podcast. Frequent coarse language, frank discussion of explicit sexuality, and an outrageous amount of insane laughter. "Talk Poofy...
With bum dances, “free the refugee” protests, and turkey slaps, two pre-teen lads in a far back time (2001) experienced the thrill of unprecedented late-night access to humans filmed in a sparsely decorated Dream World set doing absolutely nothing. Did they realise they were watching Australian...
Dan & Andy bring a weekly take on pop music that is unashamedly passionate, cheeky, sorrynotsorry and informative. Like pop music itself, Popchops is an escape from reality - where friendship never ends, love don't cost a thing and the party don't start 'till you walk in.
F*ck off and die is a crude cosmic hug for women going through heart break. It's made by Sarah Robinson and Jade Foo, in a lounge room in Perth Western Australia. Music is by Naomi Robinson and Josiah Padmanabham.