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The London School of Economics and Political Science public events podcast series is a platform for thought, ideas and lively debate where you can hear from some of the world's leading thinkers. Listen to more than 200 new episodes every year.
LSE IQ is a monthly podcast from the London School of Economics and Political Science in which we ask some of the smartest social scientists - and other experts - to answer intelligent questions about economics, politics or society. #LSEIQ
The Ballpark is the LSE US Centre's regular podcast on the politics and policy of the United States. Through features and interviews with academics from the LSE and elsewhere, The Ballpark looks more closely into what's going on behind the headlines.
A podcast series from LSE's British Politics and Policy blog which aims to bring academic, evidence-based, perspectives to the political issues facing Britain today.
A podcast series from the LSE Review of Books blog - the podcasts give listeners the opportunity to hear prolific authors and academics discuss the ideas behind their latest books.
A podcast series from the LSE Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). In each episode we discuss with an academic or other expert a hot topic in the world of risk management and regulation.
Audible Impact is a podcast series from the LSE Impact blog, which publishes daily posts on the visibility, evaluation and diversity of social science research.
A lively introduction to some of the ideas being explored by researchers at LSE.
A collection of videos from the LSE Press and Information Office.
'The HotSeat' is the LSE Department of Government's video and podcast series which asks leading LSE experts important questions on the key issues in politics and government. To find out more visit -
Democratic Audio is a podcast series of the Democratic Audit blog. The core aims of the blog are to improve democracy in the UK, and to undertake and promote research into its health, strength and durability.
LSE's voxEUROPP draws on academic experts from the LSE's European Politics and Policy blog ( to discuss the latest issues across European governance, economics, politics, culture and society, both at the European Union and national levels.