What if your mother left to follow a cult… or you woke up in a morgue… or if your boat got caught in a storm and began to sink -- what would you do?   This is Actually Happening brings you extraordinary true stories of life-changing events told by the people who lived them. From a man who...
When creative people feel insecure, sometimes the best cure is talking things out with a friend over cocktails. We're here to be your online drinking buddies.
American Copywriter is about how to find zen in advertising and learn to value your creativity for its own sake. We also talk about the really important things in life like pop culture and Star Wars.
Your home for special events and episodes.
Submitted for the good of the misfitrad.io listening public.
Sometimes segments hit the cutting floor that are still worth sharing.
If Steamboat Wookie were on a Venn diagram for Disney and Star Wars we'd be the cream filling between the two circles.
We talk about movies, specifically really bad movies produced by The Asylum, the film studio behind Sharknado and Titanic II!
Brett and Austin talk about their experiences starting and running a small development and design business, the challenges they face and the fun they have along the way.
Who would win in a fight: Spider-Man and Bane **OR** Batman and Green Goblin? Was the series finale of *How I Met Your Mother* the worst ending of all time? Who is cooler: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? There are right answers to all of these questions and we know them. Get ready for a bunch of...
We're old, we're tired, possibly inebriated and we have some thoughts on things. Like acid reflux, sleep, the meaning of existence, aftermarket potato chips, flatulence, and kids these days.
Susan and Joy are moms offering a public service to those struggling with work/life balance by proving their lives are a bigger trainwreck than yours. Maybe you don't believe that storybook balance will ever happen. Or, maybe you do? Hell if we know.