Mark LaCour & Paige Wilson
Oil and Gas This Week is the show for busy oil pros who want to quickly keep their finger on the pulse of the industry.
The story behind the Oil and Gas leaders in the Permian Basin.
Creative. Motivated. Ingenious. There’s only one group of people who have ever figured out how to deliver as much energy as the world wants. This is the show about how they did it. And how they keep doing it.
Oil and Gas Industry Leaders host Paige Wilson leads listeners into the minds of some of the Industry’s greatest executives. OGIL dives into the musings behind the brightest minds in Oil and Gas. What are some lessons that they as successful leaders can share with us? Tune in to find out!
Oil and Gas Upstream explores what is happening in the upstream oil and gas industry. Host Elena Melchert brings value, unity, and information to the energy industry one conversation at a time. Guests of this show bring stories from various sectors of the industry.
Industry veteran and Houston API Chairman Russell Stewart brings listeners a show that explores what some would argue is the most important facet of our industry—health and safety. With a steady lineup of expert guests, this show covers a broad range of real-world HSE topics.
Understanding legal and risk management issues impacting the energy sector.
In the harshest of operating conditions, large scale investment, planning and commitment places the offshore sector in a league all its own where the stories of the people aren’t found anywhere else. From safety, to operations, to new technology we look to breakdown this often-mystified industry...