Adam Graham
On the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, every day we feature a different detective program. Our current line-up is San Spade, Mister Chameleon, Dangerous Assignment, Philo Vance, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and Tales of the Texas Rangers. Podcast Award-nominated Host Adam Graham has been your...
Each Friday, we'll post a different episode of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, playing every episode of the 1949-62 series. Host Adam Graham is your guide, providing commentary on each episode as well as a dash of humor and responding to listener comments and feedback. This feed is part of the Great...
Join host Adam Graham on two seperate journeys through Box 13, the series starring Alan Ladd as reprorter turned Mystery Writer Dan Holiday. Holiday's adventures begin as a result of a newspaper ad that reads, "Adventure wanted. Will go anywhere, will do anything." This podcast features every...
Host Adam Graham is your guide through every circulating old time radio Sherlock Holmes episode including programs starring Basil Rathbone, Orson Welles, Tom Conway, John Stanley, and Sir John Gielgud.
Head back to the 1920s, Prohibition and the Age of Jazz with star/creator Jack Webb in the 1951 Summer replacement radio series featuring clarinet player Pete Kelly and all the trouble he gets into and out of in Kansas during the roaring twenties.
William Gargan stars as Ross Dolan in this 1946-47 ABC hard-boiled Detective Series. This was presented by the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio by host Adam Graham
Join host Adam Graham as he presents every circulating episode of Jeff Regan,Investigator, both the original series starring Jack Webb in 1948 and the 1949-50 revival starring Frank Graham (with Paul Dobov substituting for several weeks).
Join Adam Graham, host of the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio as he presents all of the existing old time radio episodes of Nero Wolfe including the only surviving 1940s episodes and then all 25 of the Sidney Greenstreet New Adventures of Nero Wolfe.
Adam Graham host this podcast which will feature all of the available episodes of Rogue's Gallery, the first hard boiled radio private eye. Stars include Dick Powell, Barry Sullivan, and Paul Stewart. Adam Graham provides his Idiosyncratic commentary each episode.
The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio's Pat Novak series, featuring 19 episodes of Pat Novak and two episodes of Johnny Madero, all starring Jack Webb as the master of hard boiled narration. Adam Graham is your guide to each similie in this iconic pre-Dragnet Jack Webb series.
Adam Graham serves as your host, providing his idiosyncratic as he goes, as we go through the much underrated 1946-54 detective series starring a pre-Johnny Dollar Bob Bailey as Detective George Valentine a World War II vet, who along with his secretary and assistant Brooksie take on every case...
This podcast features all circulating episodes of Candy Matson, a post-War female hard boied private eye who became a San Francisco radio phenomenon. Adam Graham is your guide through this fun and intriguing series as part of the Great Detectives of Old TIme Radio podcast.
Lon Clark plays Nick Carter, the greatest of all manhunters. Nick appeared in countless books, three movies, and for 12 years in this radio series featuring his unusual adventures. Host Adam Graham guides you through Carter's prolific radio adventures.
Join that detective that looks just like Shakespeare and is headmaster of a boys school-Leonidas Witherall. Broadway legend Walter Hampden stars in this classic 1944-45 detective series and Adam Graham provies his commentaryon each episode.
Host Adam Graham presents the two Thin Man Movie adaptations done by the Lux Radio Theater starring William Powell as well as every complete circulating episode of the radio series.
This podcast features all available episodes of the 1955 radio series features Les Damon and later Mandell Kramer as Pat Abbott and Claudia Morgan as Jean Abbott. The podcast is hosted by Adam Graham who provides commentary on each episode.
Glenn Ford stars as Christopher London in this 1950 NBC Detective series. Adam Graham is your guide through all three surviving episodes.
Enjoy all 43 action-packed adventures of International troubleshooter Frank Race. The former OSS operative turned freelance troubleshooter traveled the world righting wrongs and solving mysteries. Tom Collins and later Paul Dubov star. Adam Graham is your host, and provides commentary as part of...
Two pilot episodes starring future famous newsman Mike Wallace in a radio detective series from 1949.