The Best Food in the San Fernando Valley, as chosen by The Raffs
Published 04/01/19
Randy Lehrman, Bar Mitzvah DJ Extra
Published 02/05/19
Josh & Erika wish you a happy new year, and have a few tips for coming up with resolutions that can keep you moving forward to wherever it is your heading, even if you don't know.
Published 01/01/19
Josh got married!
Published 11/16/18
Josh and Erika attempt to make sense of what has occurred in Pittsburgh.
Published 11/09/18
Rami Raff is back and this time he's brought his wife Jordan Silverman-Raff. (FINALLY) They join Josh and Erika to talk about their own love story, marriage, and their brand new adooooooorable baby Porg. ALSO we talk about Josh's upcoming marriage to his Sweetie Maureen, which Rami will be officiating, Hope you enjoy! Recorded live from Podcast At The Pico at the Pico Playhouse in West LA.
Published 08/10/18
Our first live episode from our monthly residency at The Pico, with the World Famous People Walker, Chuck McCarthy. We talk about what it is the People Walker does, his road to virality, and how you can take a walk with one of the many people walkers in your neighborhood. Our next live show at The Pico is July 10th! https://www.thepeoplewalker.com/ Recorded by Rian Kountzhouse Mixed and Mastered by Adam Yukon Harr
Published 06/12/18
This week we sat down with filmmaker Steve Gossett the co-creator of Princess Rap Battles which have garnered nearly 450 million views. He talks about the ups-and-downs on his way to finding his success. He stopped trying to make stuff that was "good... for the internet" and started making stuff that was "just good." Around that time his videos took off.
Published 05/26/18
This week we sit down with Matt Ritter of the Safe For Work podcast. He talks about his career led him from being a lawyer at prestigious yet stressful law firms in New York City to comedy and corporate recruitment. He gives Josh & Erika a few tips on how to navigate workplace drama, and a few tips on how to get ahead in one's career while staying sane.
Published 04/25/18
A few weeks ago Josh was out in the Far West Texas town of Marfa. It's known as an international arts destination because of Donald Judd's Chinati Foundation, but it's still a ranching community in a remote and beautiful country. Josh had the pleasure of sitting down with Robert Halpern, the publisher of the local paper: The Big Bend Sentinel. He talks about growing up in a family of Jewish merchant pioneers, life in the borderlands, how Marfa's has changed, and the importance of the fourth...
Published 04/13/18
This week we sat down with Reuben Posner & Julianne Schwartz the director and assistant director of Havaya Arts camp. We had a blast talking about summer camp! This is their inaugural year, and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Havaya Arts is a brand new overnight Jewish arts summer camp in Southern California. Camp is open to current 2nd-9th graders with any level of arts experience. Click HERE to learn more! They are generously funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation and AVI CHAI...
Published 04/04/18
Josh went on a roadtrip to Texas with friend-of-the-show Ben Stein. On a tip from a Facebook inquiry about "interesting Jews in El Paso" they stopped in town on a Tuesday night. Within 10 minutes of arrival they were immediately brought to a victory party for congressional candidate Veronica Escobar (D). They got to meet artist and City Representative Peter Svarzbein and his buddy Sammy Holaschutz, a non-ferrous metal trader. After the party they stopped for a few Whataburgers and then sat...
Published 03/27/18
Josh is in Austin for SXSW to sell merch for Headgum and get some great interviews. He sat down with Gabriel Barretto the filmmaker behind My Cricket and Me. It's a comedy loosely based on Gabriel's experience as a roadie with Willie Nelson the summer before going off to Sarah Lawrence. Gabriel grew up in an entertainment family, his mom is actress Amy Irving from Yentl & Carrie, and his dad is Bruno Barreto the acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker. He has an interesting perspective as a showbiz...
Published 03/18/18
Josh visits his grandma. Erika got a new car. They talk about the importance of seizing the day, and doing what you need to do, because if not now then when?
Published 03/08/18
This week is an extremely informative episode with Dr. David Levitus of LA Forward. He talks about what progressivism means, how his organization is working locally, and how this is the perfect moment to change our country. "Getting involved in the face to face stuff---the organizing can be this great source of meaning and belonging in the world---and we need to create more opportunities for that." ALSO HE IS THE NINTH PhD TO APPEAR ON 2JT! ISN'T THAT IMPRESSIVE MOM??? Find David...
Published 02/27/18
We had a great time this week with Lorraine DeGraffenreidt and Sarah Isaacson of the Learnt Up podcast. On their podcast they learn basic black and Jewish stuff they should totally already know. On this episode we chat about Mr. Rogers many cardigans and his mud room, John Waters sightings, Catholic confirmations, Gilda Radner, Richard Pryor, and how the Alt Right use hate as their love language. Check out their episodes here: http://learntup.libsyn.com/ And find them on Instagram:...
Published 02/02/18
This week Josh interviews Josh Neuman. He is the writer and director of Johnny Physical Lives, an award-winning documentary that memorializes his punk rock brother. We talk about the film, the Friar's Club, and Neuman's time as the editor of Heeb Magazine. Johnny Physical Lives screens this Sunday 1/21/18 at 2pm at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. It will be followed by a conversation about creativity and human connection during crisis with NYT's Suleika Jaouad, and Carla Fernandez of...
Published 01/18/18
Josh and Erika bid farewell to the year that was awful in so many ways, but actually pretty positive for both of them. Wishing everyone a healthy and auspicious 2018! Erika's annual Intention-Setting Hike in LA is January 7th, more details: https://www.detoxfromsocialmedia.com/upcoming-events-1/
Published 12/30/17
Recording Live from Tabula Rasa Bar on Hollywood Boulevard on the final night of hanukkah 2017... 2 Jews Talking with returning guest Shmuel Gonzales (The Barrio Boychik.) Shmuel talks about an anti-fascist hanukkah celebration in Boyle Heights in 1940, and reminds us that we are celebrating light in the darkest times. Find Shmuel on his Barrio Boychik blog https://barrioboychik.wordpress.com/ This event was sponsored by Nu Roots' Infinite Light celebration. http://infinitelight.la/ Thank...
Published 12/25/17
We sat down with Jessica Chaffin & Dane Crane of The Kibitz. We chatted about what it's like to have podcasts about "being Jewish" and how our podcasts are definitely not about "Judaism." It's one of those fun hang-out episodes with the added bonus of listening to this squad of Jewish podcasters figure out how to calm down a barking dog while it's in the studio. Enjoy. Listen to The Kibitz http://www.kibitzpod.com/episodes/ The Kibitz is doing a live episode a Catskills Kibitz with...
Published 12/08/17
"'Cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things..." If you've been looking for some sort of sign that it's time to interview your grandparents or older relatives — this is it. In this very special mini-sode, Erika shares one of the first interviews she ever did of her grandparents and gives a few pointers in how to get started documenting family stories. Have a short family story you'd like to share? Send us the file at 2JewsTalking at gmail dot com — we'd like to combine them...
Published 11/10/17
We sit down with Sean Malin, writer, film critic, Santa Clarita-resident, and Josh's former camper. We talk about how growing up a precocious kid set him on a path toward become a writer, and how he can't help but see the world through a cinematic lens. Sometimes we're reoccurring characters, but as you get older you become the star of your coming of age story. Find Sean online... Twitter: @cinemalins Website: cmfilmcommentary.com
Published 11/03/17
We sit down with historians Dr. Caroline Luce and Dr. Max Baumgarten. They both study the history of Jews in Los Angeles. Caroline writes about leftist Jews in Boyle Heights at the beginning of the 20th century. Max writes about Jews in LA between 1965 and 1992. A really great conversation about how Jews arrived in LA, and how they became a part of the city. We learned about the pogroms that brought us here, bagel unions, leftist 3rd seders, the Watts Riots/Rebellion, the Black-Jewish...
Published 10/26/17
Recorded in San Francisco a few weeks back, Josh catches up with Sarah Nathan. She talks about moving to a new city, finding community in the Jewish and Craft Beer worlds, and that if you're selling etched-glass crafts on Etsy you can make more money if you call them Judaica. Sarah has followed her passion to land her dream job as the VP of Business Development and Executive Grain Hawker at ReGrained, a company that harvests grain from urban craft breweries and upcycles it into delicious,...
Published 10/20/17
This week we dive into a jam-packed episode about American history, culture, identity and more with English professor Dr. Brian Garcia. He joins us to talk about about how myths and stories have created American identity, and how Make America Great Again is part of a long tradition. Brian talks about growing up in Portuguese Artesia, where grandmas aren't supposed to speak English. Erika drops some knowledge from Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. And Josh accurately identifies a Simulacrum!...
Published 10/13/17