Our Special Universe
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Transcript: The Multiverse concept seeks to explain the unusual conditions in our universe by hypothesizing a multitude of universes with different physical properties. In only a tiny fraction of those universes are the physical conditions or the laws of nature suitable to the formation of stars and carbon and life, but is this falling into a logical trap? It’s called the inverse gambler’s fallacy. It says that rare or improbable events are more likely to occur somewhere or other in a long trial of runs than in a short one. Imagine you role a pair of dice many times. You are clearly more likely to throw a double six at some point than if you had only rolled them once, but this does not mean that after a long run of throws without a double six the next throw is any more likely to be a double six. In terms of this gambler’s analogy, it would be false to infer a long run of throws from the fact that someone has just thrown a double six. It’s always a one in thirty six shot, so the supposition does not explain it. Equally, the idea that there have been randomly many universes either in series or in parallel does not make this particular universe any less improbable, and so it does not explain it.
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