It’s time for the great ethics debate! In this corner, Jackie and Diana ready to convince the listeners that the BACB ethics code fails to do enough to support meaningful ethical problem solving in the repertoire of behavior analysts. And, coming all the way from the other side of the podcast-o-sphere, it’s Rob with special guest, Dr. Allen Karsina, ready to tangle in support of the current code because rules are the scaffolding that holds our moral wills and skills to be ethical together.
Published 01/20/21
While we weren’t able to record our live talk at the Thompson Center Conference this year, it did give us time to think about the ethical responsibility of BCBAs to include instruction and support in improving the cultural responsiveness of our supervisees. I mean, how else can we expect the next generations of behavior analysts to improve their ability to take culture into account during assessment, treatment, and rapport building activities?
Published 01/13/21
A new year means new podcasts and new resolutions. To help you out, we’re starting off the year with two podcasts all on the topic of ethics. First, we welcome back Dr. Allen Karsina who will literally debate us about the ethics code. Then, we get into the ethics of cultural competence in the practice of a behavior analyst. Finally, we wrap it all up with a mindful podcast about mindfulness in the schools. Here’s to a better year than the last!
Published 01/06/21
This week we discuss improving sedentary behavior, setting meaningful goals for physical activity in the workplace, and how New Year's Resolutions probably won't get you there. And we wouldn’t think of talking about getting in shape without friend of the show, Dr. Nick Green, from BehaviorFit. If you’re tired of click bait New Year articles about fitness and want something substantial, this is the episode for you.
Published 12/30/20
2020 is finally over! One of the few good things about this dumpster fire of a year is that we get to end it with our buddy Matt Cicoria from the Behavioral Observations podcast. We discuss the lows, the other lows, and force ourselves to think of a few highs. And enjoy some adult beverages because nothing says 2020 like a Zoom call with wine and beer.
Published 12/23/20
If social skills are an important component of human development and individuals with autism often have challenges in learning social skills, there must be a curriculum that lets specialists of all backgrounds teach these important lessons, right? Well, maybe? This week we look at what actual research there is behind commercially-available curricula for teaching social skills and highlight a few of the more promising programs.
Published 12/16/20
Despite being a classic component of most parent discipline practices, the average person tends to forget that time out procedures started in the field of behavior analysis. Does this old chestnut still hold value as a part of a behavior management plan? Dr. Jeanne Donaldson joins us this week to review her research on the subject and how time out fits in the framework of trauma-informed care.
Published 12/09/20
Ho ho ho! And a merry podcast! We’re back with a wintry mix of exciting topics featuring a guest we’ve been dying to have on the show, a guest we’ve been dying to have return, and a topic we’ve been dying to explore.
Published 12/02/20
While nobody really wants to go to the dentist, there’s a big difference between a grumbling as you walk in for a cleaning and hiding under the dining room table when the word “fluoride” is uttered. This week, Dr. Kelly McConnell stops by to discuss her research on helping individuals with autism tolerate dental exams, including the do’s and do not’s of working with dentists and ensuring that the program in the clinic actually results in a successful trip to the dentist’s office.
Published 11/25/20
For our first patrons-only book club, you voted on "Meaningful Differences" by Hart and Risley. And here it is: 2+ hours all about this classic, and sometimes controversial, book documenting Betty Hart and Todd Risley's longitudinal study exploring the home lives of 42 families to try to determine why some children develop more robust language than others. If you ever wondered where the 30 million word gap comes from, you've found it.
Published 11/23/20
Diana was so amazed by a talk given by our special guests, Worner Leland and Barb Gross from Sex Ed Continuing Ed, that she emailed them immediately to join us on the show. We’re thankful that they agreed and spent an evening discussing the sexual wellbeing of individuals with developmental disabilities. We discuss the danger of seeing sexual behavior as problem behavior and review the ExPLISSIT model for addressing sexual wellbeing. Rob even moves beyond his New England Puritan upbringing!
Published 11/18/20
If you’ve ever tried to develop a function-based treatment on elopement, you’ve probably wondered where in the research to start. The answer is start here with this week’s episode! Not only are we joined by Dr. Megan Boyle to discuss the findings of her extensive literature review on the subject, but we also get to enjoy her first-hand accounts of assessment and treatment of elopement. The hipsters call it “bolting”.
Published 11/11/20
Join us this November for a cornucopia of riches to give thanks to. At least, when it comes to awesome behavior analytic topics and guests. Between challenging behavior, necessary life skills, and human rights, we’ve got enough content to entertain you on Thanksgiving from the first dinner roll to the last slice of turkey. And, if your Zoom family gathering is going south, just put on ABA Inside Track on and pretend we’re joining you for after-dinner pumpkin pie. Pie not included.
Published 11/04/20
If your list of self-care activities begins and ends at a big glass of wine, you may not be doing it right. And, as our special guest, Dr. Shane Spiker, shares, you’re not alone. This week, we discuss the challenges of self-care for behavior analysts including the consequences of burnout and the surprising fact that taking care of ourselves is an actual learned skill.
Published 10/28/20
This Halloween, don’t run away. Don’t lock your doors. Don’t hide under your bed. Because, the audio file is already in your ears. Grab Bag Reboot. This time, it’s personal.
Published 10/21/20
By popular demand (of Diana), we’re talking all about stimulus equivalence. After drawing multiple pictures to remind ourselves of the inner workings of this powerful process, we dive into relevant research from three generations: a Sidman original, a go-go 90’s extension, and a practical example of stimulus equivalence in special education.
Published 10/14/20
No tricks this month on the show unless you’re terrified of stimulus equivalence like Rob! For everyone else, it’ll be all treats for your ears with the return of a popular (?) episode format as well as a cozy fall discussion about self-care with special guest, Dr. Shane Spiker. Snuggle up with some hot apple cider, a warm sweater, and a brand new delay tolerance flow chart.
Published 10/07/20
Finally, rounding out our month-long Supervision September comes an episode all about how to be the superest supervisor that ever did supervise. Whether it’s maximizing your supervision bandwidth or hyper-focusing your supervisee’s experiences, we’re checking out some new ideas to make supervision more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Published 09/30/20
This week we conclude our deep dive into “Bringing Out the Best in People” by discussing some of the more ephemeral components of supervision. For instance, did you know that you can supervise creativity? And what does the future hold for supervision now that Zoomers are entering the work force. All this and the history of Nintendo.
Published 09/23/20
Continuing with Supervision September, we delve deep into the science and generalization of supervisory skills with our newest book club series on “Bringing Out the Best in People”, the classic management book by Aubrey Daniels. How are running Fortune 500 companies and ABA like peanut butter and chocolate? And what does positive reinforcement have to do with improving the widget production line? Listen in and join us for part 2 next week!
Published 09/16/20
It’s time for our 4th Annual Supervision September! All month long, we’ll be discussing supervision of BCBAs, supporting good management practices, and advances in the supervisory process. And, to kick things off, live (via Zoom!), it’s our talk from the Greater Boston Applied Behavior Analysis in Urban Education conference. While we couldn’t be there in person, we were honored to be asked to talk all about the trials and tribulations of supervising BCBAs in the public school system.
Published 09/09/20
Joy of joys! It’s Supervision September! All month long, we’ll be discussing topics related to supervision. Whether supervision in the schools or supervision on the job, we’re covering all the angles. And, if four whole episodes about supervision weren’t enough, we’re so excited to launch our very first Patreon to provide listeners more opportunities for exclusive episodes, discounts, and chances to meet (and maybe even podcast) with us. All that, and Jackie takes a vacation.
Published 09/02/20
Hey, ABA Inside Track Listeners. We wanted to stop and recognize that we couldn’t have continued creating our brand of scientific and entertaining behavior analytic content without your support. To acknowledge the importance of our community, we’ve decided to team up with Patreon to provide more opportunities for our audience to interact with the show. By donating at a variety of levels, you can unlock access to more shows, CE store discounts, and even a chance to join our recording sessions.
Published 09/01/20
We’ve sung the praises of functional communication training (FCT) on plenty of episodes. However, we’re in the same boat as you when it comes time to start thinning the reinforcement schedule to use FCT in real life. Luckily, Dr. Jeffrey Tiger is here to save the day by sharing recent research on improving delay tolerance procedures. Is DRA the special ingredient? Plus, another chapter in the ongoing struggle of Jackie vs. DRO procedures.
Published 08/26/20
Are you still using preference assessments based on research you read in grad school. Get with the times and learn about some cool, recent updates to the literature with your pals on ABA Inside Track. Did you know you can use videos in your preference assessment? Or that you can compare preference for chocolate versus gummy candy? If you answered “no” then this episode is definitely for you. Note: if you said “yes” this episode will also be good.
Published 08/19/20