I will be posting Mondays, Wednesdays, or maybe even the weekend! 
Published 01/29/21
Published 01/26/21
So sorry for not updating! I've been really busy! 
Published 12/11/20
2 Episode of HunterXHunter! Enjoy!
Published 10/23/20
Ep:2.. Explaining whats going to happen this week! 
Published 10/02/20
Talking about Black Butler today. Enjoy!
Published 09/17/20
Published 09/17/20
Today we are talking about HunterXHunter! Hope you enjoy the first episode of the new start HunterXHunter series! 
Published 09/16/20
This is a side-note series. Talking about what’s happening in my podcast!
Published 09/15/20
Talking about Devilman crybaby! Enjoy!
Published 09/14/20
Today I’m talking about haikyuu! Hope you enjoy.
Published 09/14/20
welcome! Today I talked about Ouran Hish School Host Club! I talked about one of the episodes, I had a fun time talking about this episode. Hope you enjoy too!
Published 09/14/20
Talking about what this podcast is about!
Published 09/14/20