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France is hosting an international conference on Sudan, one year after war broke out. It says, it's seeking much needed aid and attention. Observers say the Sudan crisis has been pushed out of the global conversation due to other ongoing conflicts. Will the conference make a difference? Why...
Published 04/15/24
How the Chibok girls are getting on with their lives ten years on from when they were kidnapped Concern over cyber-crime in Zambia following the busting of a syndicate scamming innocent people And why African men are twice as likely to get prostate cancer than white men.
Published 04/12/24
South Africa's electoral commission (IEC) has published final candidate lists for general elections. Former president Jacob Zuma is free to contest in May's poll. Should the governing ANC be worried? We learn about the illicit organ trade in Western Kenya, with some young people selling their...
Published 04/11/24