Published 05/13/22
We speak to Kenyan nurse, Anna Qabale Duba, who has just won the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award. Religious leaders in Nigeria have called for calm and tolerance after a woman in Sokoto was killed over alleged blasphemy. And the Tanzanian play ‘Juliana’ exploring the early years of the HIV pandemic.
Published 05/13/22
The former police commissioner in the D.R. Congo has been found guilty of the murder of human rights activist Floribert Chebeya, a killing that sparked national outrage. The spokesman of South Africa’s ESKOM power utility defends the decision to resume load shedding power cuts. And why one of Tanzania’s main opposition parties has deregistered all but one of its own MPs.
Published 05/12/22
A UK exhibition highlights Egyptian contribution to the discovery of Tutankhamon's tomb. The self-styled Islamic State claims it has executed a number of Christians in northern Nigeria. And a group of women working in South African vineyards call for a ban on harmful pesticides.
Published 05/11/22
The wife of one of eight mineworkers trapped for three weeks in Burkina Faso speaks of her ordeal and trying to find out information about the rescue operation. Zambia reaches a deal with the mining giant Vedanta over a key copper mine. And the new novel taking up the story of indentured Indian labourers in 19th Century South Africa.
Published 05/10/22
The fuel prices emergency is hitting households across the continent, from Egypt to Tanzania, Uganda to Nigeria and South Africa. The airline industry has also been affected. So what can governments do? Also, in Somalia, dozens of candidates have registered for the presidential race in six days. We hear who's challenging the incumbent, Farmajo. Plus, how South African singer, Nomfundo Moh, has made it big in the world of music.
Published 05/09/22
As the number of Covid cases rise in parts of Africa, Dr Ayoade Alakija, from the African Union vaccine delivery programme, says African leaders are missing some procedural steps in the fight against the virus. Plus, a Muslim cleric refuses to leave jail in Kenya, despite being acquitted of terrorism charges, for fear of his life. And retired South Africa World Cup-winning rugby legend, Tendai Mtawarira, on his new role as Unicef's regional ambassador for Eastern and Southern Africa.
Published 05/06/22
After being postponed for more than a year, a date has finally been set for a presidential election in Somalia. Members from both chambers of parliament will vote on 15 May. Six midwives have gone on trial in Senegal over the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. And music from Bih Stico, the Cameroonian nurse who juggles her professional career with her passion for singing.
Published 05/05/22
During a recent trip to Nigeria as part of a traditional Ramadan tour, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres praised the governor of Borno States for his work in fighting terrorism. Also in the pod: at least ten Burundian soldiers are killed in Somalia during an AMISOM mission; And why are internet shutdowns so common in Africa?
Published 05/04/22
There's been a major attack on an ATMIS forces base in Somalia. Al Shabab militants have claimed responsibility, and there are fears about the death toll. The UN Secretary General speaks after visiting camps in Nigeria's Borno state housing hundreds of thousands of victims displaced by Boko Haram and Islamist insurgent attacks. Meanwhile,  one NGO decries the closure of camps which have left IDPs in unsafe and vulnerable conditions. Mali's military leader announces they're cutting ties...
Published 05/03/22
President Kenyatta announces a 12 % boost to minimum wages; we ask our experts if it will be enough to shield workers from the spiralling cost of living. Also in the pod: Tunisia's controversial President Saied moves to create a group of interests that will radically rewrite the constitution of the country; And the daughter of jailed Rwandan politician Paul Rusesabagina, for whom a campaign has just started in the US, says her father has suffered a stroke
Published 05/02/22
A  damning report alleges that ex South African President Jacob Zuma put interests of his corrupt associates ahead of those of his country. Also, why have a group of Turkish nationals who've been running a high performing high school in Liberia been expelled from the country? And Kenya bids farewell to its third president Mwai Kibaki at a State funeral in Nairobi.
Published 04/29/22
The Nigerian senate passes a bill seeking to outlaw the payment of ransoms for kidnap victims. We ask one of the Senators supporting the bill why he thinks it's the right thing to do. Also in the pod: Kenya reaches an agreement to release more fuel reserves to end the current shortages; How a ban on palm oil exports from the world's largest producer, Indonesia, will impact the Ugandan economy heavily reliant on its import; We speak to a Ghanaian conservationist saving the lives of the...
Published 04/28/22
Today: Mounting concerns about the rise in police brutality and disappearances in Kenya. Also, a BBC investigation uncovers the ugly and dangerous side of Egypt's beauty industry. (Image: Kenyan activists protest against police brutality in Nairobi. Credit: EPA)
Published 04/27/22
The world’s richest person, South African born Elon Musk, has acquired the social media platform in a $44bn deal. What will his takeover of Twitter mean for users and freedom of speech on the site? Plus, following the deaths of at least 100 people from an explosion at an illegal oil refinery in Nigeria’s Imo State, environmental groups allege hundreds of dangerous operations exist and some even with the collusion of security services. And Africans in a camp at Calais in northern France,...
Published 04/26/22
Authorities in Imo State say victims of a fire that engulfed an illegal oil refinery on Friday will be given a mass burial because of the difficulties in recognising the charred bodies. Also in the programme: The WHO announced a fresh outbreak of Ebola in a populated city of the Democratic Republic of Congo; And we hear how Yoruba communities in southeast Nigeria marked the death of one of Nigeria's most pre-eminent monarchs - The Alaafin of Oyo kingdom.
Published 04/25/22
The former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, who ended four decades of one-party rule, has died at the age of 90. Those who knew him pay tribute and reflect on his legacy. Plus Google’s super powerful undersea internet cable has reached Lagos. And today is #Earth Day. The theme is ‘Invest in our Planet’ and a climate change activist in Uganda tells us what that means to him.
Published 04/22/22
President Uhuru Kenyatta and other East African heads of state discuss insecurity in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo – but what can they achieve? Botswana's former President Ian Khama has dismissed criminal charges against him as “trumped up”. And a Ghanaian university gets tough with students owing debts totalling around $7m.
Published 04/21/22
Kenyan police have launched a manhunt after the body of a female athlete was found with stab wounds in the town of Iten, famous for its centre for long-distance runners. We hear from two activists on their anger and frustration over the lack of effective action to stop gender-based violence. Politicians are under fire in KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa over their handling of the flooding disaster. And a year ago today, Chad's long-serving ruler Idriss Deby died on the battlefield....
Published 04/20/22
The World Food Programme has raised the alarm after its appeal to assist communities impacted by drought in East Africa received only 4% of the funding. Political manoeuvrings are underway in the Ivory Coast with speculation rife about President Alassane Ouattara’s successor. And a taste of the new sound from South Africa with the Queens of Amapiano.
Published 04/19/22
The Anglican Church has become the latest critic of the UK’s asylum-seeker deal with Rwanda. In the UK, the Archbishop of Canterbury said the plan to send migrants arriving in Britain to Rwanda was "the opposite of the nature of God." The Red Cross ramps up efforts to assist and support the thousands left homeless by devastating floods in South Africa. And Nigeria’s ‘Spiderman’ on why he feels it is “everybody’s business” to keep the streets clean.
Published 04/18/22
Nigeria is equipping its armed forces with new weapons. But as the US Senate seals the deal we ask our analyst -will the new weaponry secure the country?. Also: We discuss Russian mercenaries and security with Mali's Foreign Minister. And explore Ghana's past through its architectural photography archive.
Published 04/15/22
The UK will pay Rwanda more than 150 million dollars to resettle and process asylum seekers there. From Kigali, our correspondent gives us the details of the scheme. Also: a medical trial looking to develop long-lasting anti-retroviral HIV medicines kicks off in Kenya.
Published 04/14/22
President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared KwaZulu-Natal a disaster zone
Published 04/13/22
São Tomé ‘s President Carlos Vila Nova says six months on from Glasgow's COP26 - hailed as the biggest climate change conference on the planet - the world has forgotten about the climate crisis. Civil society groups in Zambia urge the world’s largest fund manager, BlackRock, to ease the country’s debt repayments. And we discuss Africa’s divided response to the Ukraine war.
Published 04/12/22