Published 08/13/22
Guests: Luke Broadwater, Charlie Savage, Danya Perry, Douglas London, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Symone Sanders, Rep. Carlos Curbelo The twice-impeached ex-president under investigation for possibly violating the Espionage Act. Tonight: New details on the 11 sets of classified records taken from Donald Trump's home. Plus a new line of defense from Trump's defenders. Then, an interview with Congressman Jamie Raskin investigation of Donald Trump—and the historic legislation Democrats just passed in the...
Published 08/13/22
Guests: Chuck Rosenberg, Olivia Troye, Asawin Suebsaeng, Meredith McGraw, Karine Jean-Pierre, Jon Meacham The Justice Department calls Donald Trump's bluff. Tonight: Chuck Rosenberg on what the Garland announcement means for the investigation—and when we may know the details Donald Trump is concealing. Then, the DOJ response to incitement of violence against law enforcement as an FBI field office is attacked. Plus, new reporting on Trump's paranoia over so-called "rats" wearing wires at...
Published 08/12/22
Guests: Luke Broadwater, David Rohde, Jennifer Rubin, Andrew Weissmann, David Jolly, Charles Blow, Caitlin Dickerson Tonight: What we know about Donald Trump's deposition in New York, and what we're learning about what led up to the search at Mar-a-Lago. Plus, the disinformation filling the vacuum as Trump lawyers refuse to release the FBI search warrant. Then, how a new crop of MAGA primary winners raises the stakes for the midterms. And explosive new reporting on the secret history of...
Published 08/11/22
Guests: Ashley Park, Glenn Kirschner, Asha Rangappa, Ryan Reilly, Michael Steele, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Rick Hasen New details on Donald Trump's visit from the FBI. Tonight: what we're learning about what the FBI was looking for, the investigators who performed the search, and late reporting that a Republican member of Congress had his phone seized by the FBI. Then, Congressman Eric Swalwell on whether justice is closing in on Donald Trump. Plus, unpacking the Republican response, one day later.
Published 08/10/22
Alicia Menendez reports on the breaking news of federal agents executing a search warrant at the Florida home of Donald Trump.
Published 08/09/22
Guests: Julian Castro, Stephanie Kelton, Asha Rangappa, Quinta Jurecic, Stuart Stevens, John Nichols A Biden jobs report so strong, even Fox News can't deny it. Tonight: The string of victories for the Biden administration—and the big win possibly still to come. Then, reports of a quiet Republican effort to try and save Liz Cheney's seat. Will it work? Plus, a $45 million judgement against Alex Jones for his Sandy Hook lies.
Published 08/06/22
“Today, in 2022, I’m sorry to say: The Republican playbook is the Viktor Orban playbook. And you can call that what you want – but I am going to continue to call it fascism,” says Mehdi Hasan.
Published 08/05/22
Mehdi Hasan: “What we saw in Kansas last night shows that abortion is actually a perfect issue for Democrats – that both energizes their supporters and, perhaps surprisingly, does not seem to energize Republicans in the way many thought it would.”
Published 08/04/22
Guests: Helene Cooper, Lawrence Wright, Steve Kornacki, Carol Leonnig, Etan Thomas, Kavitha Davidson Tonight: President Biden announces that the United States killed the head of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Plus, Steve Kornacki is at the Big Board with the latest on Tuesday’s primary elections. Then, reflecting on America’s legacy of targeting Black athletes.
Published 08/02/22
Guests: Carol Leonnig, Joyce Vance, Trip Gabriel, Sheryl Gay Stolberg More missing texts leading up to January 6th—this time from the heads of Homeland Security. Tonight: Carol Leonnig on the missing data, and the accusations of a Secret Service cover-up. Then, new details on the new Trump guy now cooperating with the Justice Department. Plus, the Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania finally responds to the scandal over his anti-Semitic allies.
Published 07/30/22
Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Katie Benner, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Renato Mariotti, Sen. Brian Schatz Pompeo, Mnuchin and Mulvaney—come on down! Tonight: The snowball effect of testimony as Trump's cabinet goes in for committee interviews. New questions about the cooperation of Mark Meadows. And Congerssman Jamie Raskin on the new agreement to begin the transfer of evidence to the Department of Justice. And how "Build Back Better" took a sudden detour down the "Country Roads" of West Virginia.
Published 07/29/22
Guests: Asha Rangappa, Chuck Rosenberg, Jeh Johnson, Elie Mystal, Heather McGhee The twice impeached ex-president becomes the subject of a criminal investigation. Tonight: Asha Rangappa and Chuck Rosenberg on what it takes to move from subject to a target. Plus, new reporting on who is talking to the grand jury, including Cassidy Hutchinson. Then, Jeh Johnson on the Secret Service scandal—and why he says the case against the ex-president is already "indictable.” And a complete debunking of a...
Published 07/28/22
Guests: Claire McCaskill, Rep. Adam Schiff, David Jolly, Will Bunch The Justice Department goes public as the January 6th committee goes dark. Tonight: Congressman Adam Schiff and former Senator Claire McCaskill on the Merrick Garland interview—and a DOJ investigation that is clearly ramping up. Plus, as “Pence for President” essentially kicks off, can you really agree to disagree after a violent coup attempt? And new reporting on the "fake" elector campaign to upend democracy—and the...
Published 07/27/22
Guests: Rep. Elaine Luria, Michael Schmidt, Tim Miller, Peter Beinart Tonight: Committee member Elaine Luria on the former president’s refusal to condemn the rioters at the Capitol. Plus, how Mike Pence's right-hand man just testified to a grand jury. Plus, How Merrick Garland is feeling the pressure/ And how the Republican Party is fully embracing its worst impulses.
Published 07/26/22
Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Joshua Green, Ian Bassin, Danya Perry, Sarah Longwell, Miles Taylor, Paul Butler, Kyle Cheney, Al Franken, George Conway The January Sixth committee's most damning hearing yet. Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on what we learned last night—and what comes next. Then, Steve Bannon is found guilty of contempt of Congress. Plus, new research suggesting the January 6th hearings may be sinking in with Trump supporters. New details on the criminal investigation of the...
Published 07/23/22
Guests: Miles Taylor, Tanya Miller, James Helminski, Rep. Mondaire Jones The disgraced ex-president who fomented a coup…continues to foment a coup. Tonight: What we're learning about tomorrow's hearing—from someone who was inside the Trump White House. Then, the former deputy assistant director of the Secret Service on why he suspects "malicious intent" in the text message purge. Plus, Rudy Giuliani ordered to testify in Georgia as we learn more about the "targets" of the investigation. And...
Published 07/21/22
Guests: Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Asha Rangappa, Glenn Kirschner, Jelani Cobb Tonight: Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren on the growing scandal of a Secret Service deletion of January 6th text messages, as calls of a cover-up grow. Then, the flood of evidence likely leading to even more hearings—and new fallout from the DOJ memo about political prosecutions. Plus, the top lawyer for the 1/6 committee takes the stand in the trial of Steve Bannon. And, why an Indiana doctor is threatening a defamation lawsuit...
Published 07/20/22
Guests: Asawin Suebsaeng, Olivia Nuzzi, Michelle Goldberg, Charles Blow, Tamar Hallerman, Dr. Jack Resneck The committee prepares for the next hearing, the trial of Steve Bannon begins in Washington, and new reporting on Donald Trump's plan to run for office—so he can keep running from the law. Then, meet the second member of Congress served with a subpoena over Georgia election interference. Plus, the head of the American Medical Association on the insane reality of post-Roe America. And as...
Published 07/19/22
Tonight: Why the former Overstock CEO's testimony could prove crucial to the Jan. 6 committee. Then, Carol Leonnig on reports the Secret Service is not cooperating with the January 6th investigation. Plus, new reporting that "target" letters were sent to Trump allies in Georgia. And John Podesta on why he says Joe Manchin, "single handedly doomed humanity."
Published 07/16/22
Guests: Ali Vitali, Donald Ayer, Dan Friedman, Michele Goodwin, Marc Elias, Danya Perry, Matt Miller Who did the ex-president call? And will there be legal consequences? Tonight: New reporting that the Jan. 6 committee might try to call Trump as a witness and subpoena Mike Pence. Then, on the eve of his trial, new audio of Steve Bannon laying out Trump's 2020 plans. Plus, as the Senate tries to Trump-proof American democracy, will it be enough?
Published 07/15/22
Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Asawin Suebsaeng, Asha Rangappa, Harry Litman The top lawyer for ‘Team Normal’ finally comes to terms with the reality. Committee Member Jamie Raskin on Pat Cipollone’s revelations—and Donald Trump's culpability for all of it. Then, why Trump’s lawyers think Mark Meadows is going down: one of the reporters who broke that story joins live. And it was a rough day for a couple of other Trumpworld figures trying to stay out of court—the latest on Lindsey Graham’s...
Published 07/14/22
Guests: Luke Broadwater, Rep. Elaine Luria, Rachel Kleinfeld, Benjy Sarlin, Kathleen Sebelius Tonight: What Steve Bannon's loss in court means for the January 6th committee and beyond. And Congresswoman Elaine Luria. on the committee's hearing about domestic violent extremist groups and the broader MAGA movement. Then, are Republicans beginning to confront their toxic Trump problem? And new signs of resistance to a radical Supreme Court's ban on abortion from a state you might not expect.
Published 07/12/22
Guests: David Rohde, Alan Feuer, Laurie Roberts, Mini Timmaraju The Trump White House counsel sits for a marathon interview with the January 6th committee. Tonight: What we're learning about what's happening behind those doors—and the long strange trip of Pat Cipollone. Then, reporting on potential new witnesses that could extend the investigation into August—and what we know about the next hearing on what Jamie Raskin calls the "convergence of interests between the domestic violent extremist...
Published 07/09/22
Guests: Mike Schmidt, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, David Hogg, Tim Miller, Cornell Belcher Did Donald Trump use his IRS to try and take down the FBI? Tonight: As investigations begin, the Trump crony who still runs the IRS responds—and the reporter who broke the story joins me live. Plus, David Hogg on what we're learning about the father's role in the legal gun purchase that preceded the Highland Park massacre. And two weeks after the Supreme Court removed the federal right to abortion, the nightmare...
Published 07/08/22