Guests: Michael Fanone, Barbara McQuade, Charles Coleman, Olivia Nuzzi, David Milliband The Republican nominee unveils a mutation of the big lie. Then, the final approach for the New York criminal trial. Plus, the surreal consensus on who's to blame for the Trump abortion bans. And how the 2024 presidential election has somehow become a referendum on an Alex Jones conspiracy theory.
Published 04/13/24
Published 04/12/24
Guests: Danya Perry, Diane Kiesel, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Joy Reid Four days from the scheduled start, the Trump trial witness list is revealed—with a few surprises. Then, the dystopic origins of Arizona's new abortion law as Republican panic sets in. And looking back at one of the most important cultural moments of the 20th century in the wake of the death of O.J. Simpson.
Published 04/12/24
Guests: Rep. Ruben Gallego, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Bernie Sanders Republicans warm up the bus for reproductive rights. Tonight: why the people who created the nightmare can't escape responsibility. Plus, Donald Trump's money man reports to Rikers as the latest stall tactic for his own criminal trial fails. And Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi on what the collapse of the MAGA House means for the country.
Published 04/11/24
Guests: Catherine Christian, Lisa Rubin, Eric Lipton, Kris Mayes, Mary McCord A last ditch attempt to delay trial fails. Tonight: six days from the people v. Donald Trump, why the New York charges have a chance to stick. Then, alarming new reporting on a grifting First Family not named Biden. And Arizona's attorney general on the new abortion ban in her state.
Published 04/10/24
Guests: Neal Katyal, Mary McCord, Sen. Peter Welch, John Podesta A new ruling from Trump's Florida judge and a quandary for the special counsel. Tonight: the slow-walking on the documents case and the dwindling options for Jack Smith. Then: Why a sub-prime auto lender from California put up Trump's $175 million bond. What does he get in return? Plus, new pressure on Israel that might actually be working.
Published 04/05/24
Guests: Harry Litman, Kristy Greenberg, Ron Klain, Sen. Chris Murphy, Maria Hinajosa An outrageous move by Judge Cannon—and a swift response from Jack Smith. Tonight: what it all means for the classified documents case in Florida as Trump suffers a setback on his claim of broad immunity in Manhattan. Then: the stark difference between Biden and Trump on appealing to voters. Former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain joins on that. And tensions rising between the U.S. and Israel after the...
Published 04/04/24
Guests: Jeremy Konyndyk, Noga Tarnopolsky, Wendy Sherman, Lisa Rubin, Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Michael Bender Outrage and anger after an Israeli military strike kills aid workers in Gaza. Tonight: the fallout from the attack, the threat of regional escalation, and renewed pressure on Israel's biggest ally. Then: a new gag order against Donald Trump as he takes his legal grievances on the campaign trail. And election night in America as Biden embraces choice and Trump embraces church.
Published 04/03/24
Guests: Rick Hasen, Adriel Cepeda Derieux, Judge LaDoris Cordell, State Sen. Mallory McMorrow, Tim Miller The ex-president keeps attacking his judge's family as delay from the highest court takes its toll. Tonight: the Trump attacks and the latest evidence the Supreme Court is letting him run out the clock. Then, new data on the Republican electorate still voting against Trump in a primary election that's already over—even as elite, billionaire donors return to the Trump camp.
Published 03/30/24
Guests: Rachel Maddow, Pete Buttigieg, Jena Griswold, Janti Soeripto Actual justice for an infamous January 6 plotter. Tonight: Rachel Maddow on what happens when the Big Lie meets criminal justice system and the growing pressure on the Supreme Court. Then, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on the alarming increase in threats after her state's effort to remove Trump from the ballot. And Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on the federal response in Baltimore—and the federal...
Published 03/29/24
Guests: Jared Davidson, Stephen Richer, Heather Williams, Robert Gibbs, Jen Palmieri A new litmus test for the RNC as an election losing election denier finally gives up the game. Tonight: Why Kari Lake admitted to defamation—with the Republican state official who brought the lawsuit. Then, the incredible upset victory for Democrats in Alabama. And just when you thought you were spending too much on groceries, a special report on what Donald Trump's plan for tariffs would mean for you.
Published 03/28/24
Guests: Jesse Eisinger, Lisa Rubin, Melissa Murray, Elie Mystal Grift mode for the presumptive Republican nominee. What today's Trump IPO means for his desperate search for cash. Then: days away from his first criminal trial, why Donald Trump was just gagged by the judge. And what happened when the latest Republican effort to eliminate abortion reached the Supreme Court.
Published 03/27/24
Guests: Julia Ioffe, Mikhail Zygar, Adam Reiss, Sahil Kapur, Jamelle Bouie Gunfire, bombs and dozens killed in a massive attack on a Moscow concert hall. Tonight: what we know about what happened, who is responsible, and the American warning before it happened. Then, with three days to pay, did Donald Trump find a path to half a billion? Who will Donald Trump owe if he makes his Monday deadline? And inside the latest calamitous collapse of the MAGA circus tent.
Published 03/23/24
Guests: David Cay Johnston, Cornell Belcher, Tim Miller, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Michelle Goldberg He still has a structured penalty and he needs cash now! Tonight: New court-ordered restrictions on how Trump can pay his half-billion dollar fine. Then, don't look now: new polling on what sure looks like a Biden bump. Plus, Sen. Sherrod Brown on the big money lining up to remove him from the Senate. And what Trump's support for a national abortion ban means for women and the election.
Published 03/22/24
Guests: Susanne Craig, Rep. Jamie Raskin, John Hudson, Peter Beinart Five days to find a half a billion in cash. Tonight: as the New York AG threatens to seize buildings, new reports of desperation and rage as time is running out for Trump to pay up. Then, Congressman Jamie Raskin on turning the tables at today's "impeachment" hearing. Plus, the latest on the desperation in Gaza as Republicans host Netanyahu. And our series continues: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?
Published 03/21/24
Guests: Steve Kornacki, David Pepper, Shelby Talcott, Harry Litman The big vote in Ohio as the top of the ticket runs out of cash. Tonight: The first results from a crucial Senate primary and the danger of a nominee desperate for money. Then, Trump lawyers release their Supreme Court argument for absolute immunity as the indicted frontrunner turns his attempted coup into a campaign cornerstone.
Published 03/20/24
Guests: Amanda Carpenter, David Jolly, Catherine Christian, Charles Coleman, Sen. Chris Van Hollen, David Wallace Wells A stunning rebuke from Trump's first running mate as the current Veepstakes goes dental. Tonight: the unbelievable importance of Trump's running mate. Then, the delay in Trump's New York criminal trial becomes official. And why the White House is now openly calling for the MAGA Congress to give up on impeachment.
Published 03/16/24
Guests: Lisa Rubin, Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Michelle Goldberg, Mondaire Jones, Mini Timmaraju Tonight: The criminal defendant candidate appears before the judge he appointed. What today's hearing means for the Trump trials. Then, how a MAGA delusion is officially taking hold at the RNC. And as Republicans keep threatening reproductive rights across the country, a historic show of support for women in the form of a Planned Parenthood visit.
Published 03/15/24
Guests: Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, Katie Phang, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Sen. Bernie Sanders A TikTok flip-flop for the ages. Tonight: The TikTok vote and the major, flashing warning signs of a cash-strapped candidate. Then, what the dismissed felony counts means for defendant Trump in Georgia. And the rebirth of a decades-old campaign trope and the very painful answer to the Trump campaign's question.
Published 03/14/24
Guests: Steve Kornacki, Sarah Longwell, Cornell Belcher, Jamelle Bouie, Sen. Chris Murphy Another big primary night. Tonight: Votes across the country and Joe Biden's case that his arrow is pointed up. Then, the unprecedented cash grab and hollowing out of a major American political party. And Senator Chris Murphy on the Republican frontrunner's infatuation with strong men.
Published 03/13/24
Guests: Jon Favreau, Tim Miller, Alexis McGill Johnson, Ben Rhodes The Biden speech defies expectations and Democrats drive home the contrasts. Tonight: the evidence that the incumbent is on the right path. Plus, why even MAGA-world is befuddled by the Republican response. And why the president's Supreme confrontation could be an even bigger deal than it looks.
Published 03/09/24
Guests: Rachel Maddow, Alex Wagner, Steve Kornacki, Jen Psaki, Claire McCaskill, Rep. Ruben Gallego The general election has begun. Donald Trump running unopposed against President Biden. Tonight: Rachel Maddow and Alex Wagner join on Biden's chances against candidate Trump as Republicans try to erase the memory of his disastrous presidency. Then, Steve Kornacki at the Big Board on who will decide this election. And Jen Psaki and Claire McCaskill on what's at stake. Plus, Rep. Ruben Gallego...
Published 03/07/24
Guests: Neal Katyal, Katie Phang, Rep. Katie Porter, McKay Coppins, Tom Schaller The hearing that could derail Trump's prosecution in Georgia as the indicted ex-president tries to delay his documents trial. Tonight: Florida, Fulton County, and what it all means for the election timeline. Then, how the Republican frontrunner is effectively mulling a nationwide abortion ban. And is the United States Supreme Court so extreme that they're about to end a Trump-era gun safety law?
Published 03/02/24
Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, Janti Soeripto A day after delaying justice for Trump, the historic proof that a quick decision the Supreme Court is possible. Then, Nancy Pelosi on the wildly unpopular MAGA push to eliminate reproductive rights. And gunfire, a stampede, and over 100 killed—the latest on the nightmare unfolding in Gaza.
Published 03/01/24
The Supreme Court will take Donald Trump's immunity case. Tonight: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell on the Supreme Court, their delayed decision—and what it means for justice. Plus, Lisa Rubin and Kristy Greenburg on how we got here. And David Plouffe on the new political reality for an electorate that has stopped Trump before.
Published 02/29/24