Tonight: The urgent need to hold all the former president's men accountable after Trump's DOJ was caught spying on political opponents. Then, as Merrick Garland vows to defend voting rights, is his Justice Department future-proofing the presidency? And what we know about the conspiracy charges for right-wingers seen with Roger Stone one day before the insurrection. Guests: Rep. Eric Swalwell, Bina Venkataraman, Nick Akerman, Paul Butler, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Ryan Reilly
Published 06/12/21
Tonight: Behind the scaremongering over labor shortages and inflation—and how American workers are gaining power. Then, the mad spinning over what we actually know about the police tear gassing of peaceful protestors before Trump's photo op. Plus, as talks continues, why any infrastructure bill that doesn't address climate change is not worth passing. And how one Senator gave up the game during an interrogation of the first Black Secretary of Defense. Guests: Robert Reich, Sara Nelson, Carol...
Published 06/11/21
Tonight: How the Republican Party is dusting off a one hundred and fifty year old playbook to keep American history buried and maintain power. Then, Montana Senator John Tester on the filibuster, Joe Manchin, and the Biden agenda. Plus, Sandra Garza, the partner of fallen Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, on her push for Republican senators to investigate January 6th—and why she blames Donald Trump. And from coffee to cars to chlorine—have you noticed that everywhere is out of almost...
Published 06/10/21
Tonight: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on the lawmakers blocking federal election, the state of our democracy and much more. Then, the gaping holes of what we don’t know after today's Senate report on January 6th—and the new calls for a new investigation. Plus, how Trump TV has memory-holed the insurrection for half the country. And bombshell reporting from ProPublica that Jeff Bezos and many of America's wealthiest billionaires pay little or no taxes at all. Guests: Rep. Alexandria...
Published 06/09/21
Tonight: Rudy Giuliani caught on tape, and the former president's chief of staff caught imploring the Justice Department to act on the Big Lie. Then, Michael Cohen on the investigation into the Trump Organization. Plus, Arizona Secretary of state Katie Hobbs on the ongoing undermining of democracy in her state. And Sen. Bernie Sanders on what happens now that Joe Manchin did what Joe Manchin does. Guests: Sen. Claire McCaskill, Adam Serwer, Michael Cohen, Katie Hobbs, Sen. Bernie Sanders
Published 06/08/21
Tonight: The new depths of shamelessness for Mike Pence and others. Plus, what we know about the senior Trump-Org executive who is about to testify. Then, why Democrats defending the filibuster are defending a system perfectly rigged by and for Republicans. And how the Pentagon started taking U.F.O.s seriously. Guests: Connie Schultz, Michael Steele, Rebecca Roiphe, David Plouffe, Betsey Stevenson, Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Published 06/05/21
Tonight: Congressman James Clyburn and former Senator Doug Jones on the urgency for Democrats to act—even as Manchin and Sinema stand by. Then, what we know about the FBI investigation of Donald Trump's postmaster general. Plus, NBC News confirms a federal investigation of Congressman Matt Gaetz. And what it means now that the Biden administration says it will treat ransomware attacks as a national security threat. Guests: Rep. James Clyburn, Doug Jones, Jacob Bogage, Arianna Berg, Nicole...
Published 06/04/21
Tonight: Growing fears over the unchecked Republican radicalization against democracy. Then, why President Biden's direct shot at Manchin and Sinema is actually a big deal. Plus, new reporting on January 6th protest organizers making the pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago. And an exclusive interview with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on President Biden's new vaccination push—and our responsibility to help vaccinate the world. Guests: Ari Berman, Anne Marie Slaughter, Hunter Walker, Dr. Rochelle...
Published 06/03/21
Tonight: The growing alarms that a slow-motion insurrection is happening right now. Then, two of the Democratic legislators who stopped sweeping voting restrictions in Texas with a dramatic exit from the state Capitol—and Beto O'Rourke on why the fight in Texas is much bigger than Texas. Plus, how the DeSantis anti-vax culture war could sink Florida's cruise industry. And what the federal government is now saying and doing 100 years after Tulsa. Guests: Rep. Bennie Thompson, Beto O’Rourke,...
Published 06/02/21
Tonight on a special two-hour edition of All In: How the party of Trump killed a bipartisan investigation into an attack on America—and what the Democrats plan to do next. Then, was Rudy Giuliani used by a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 election? And top White House economic advisor Cecilia Rouse on the new Biden budget that would revolutionize the American economy. Guests: Sahil Kapur, Tim Miller, Olivia Troye, Rep. Ro Khanna, Jon Favreau, Faiz Shakir, Michelle Goldberg, Betsy...
Published 05/29/21
Tonight: The mother of a fallen police officer pleads with Republicans, and Mitch McConnell begs senators to kill the January 6th commission as a "personal favor.” Then, new reporting on a new scandal for Donald Trump's money man. Plus, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh on what today's jobless numbers mean for Biden's big jobs agenda. And the climate nightmare in Alaska where one oil company is now chilling the warming ground so they can suck more oil out of it. Guests: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Olivia...
Published 05/28/21
Tonight: More details on the Trump grand jury in New York—and a reminder that criminal presidents are indeed a thing. Then, new reporting on the undermining of democracy in Arizona and beyond. And did a member of the Proud Boys really participate in the censure of a Nevada election official? Plus, today's remarkable statement from the White House about the "two theories" of the Covid-19 origin story. Guests: Jane Mayer, Adam Miller, Jon Ralston, Adam Jentleson, Dr. Ashish Jha, Zerlina Maxwell
Published 05/27/21
Tonight: The ongoing movement to undermine the election in 2022—and the state by state Trumpist push to replace the people who held the line in 2020. Then, Europe’s so-called "last dictator" uses a fighter jet to stop a passenger airplane and arrest a journalist. Plus, a note of caution on the right-wing mania over the Wuhan lab theory. And Congressman Jamal Bowman on what looks like real progress on a bipartisan police reform bill. Guests: Jonathan Swan, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Zach...
Published 05/25/21
Tonight: How the Republican argument against a January 6th commission sounds a lot like their rationale for the Benghazi hearings. Next, horrifying new bodycam video showing what really happened in the death of Ronald Greene. Then, new trouble for Donald Trump, as prosecutors put the pressure on his top money guy. Plus, why the attack on the election in Arizona is a warning for the rest of the country. And why yoga was banned for schoolkids in Alabama for decades—and how they got it...
Published 05/22/21
Tonight: The Republican attack on their own continues—as their leader runs away from questions. Then, new reporting on how the tactics of Arizona's phony election "audit" are being exported around the country. Plus, the CEO of Planned Parenthood on the new Texas law that effectively ends a woman's right to choose. And today's big news about the criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. Guests: Carlos Curbelo, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Olivia Beavers, Rosalind Helderman, Hayes Brown,...
Published 05/21/21
Tonight: How the bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection was passed—and how Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump plan to kill it. Then, what we know about the now criminal investigation of the Trump-org after last night's bombshell. Plus, the AOC-led push to block U.S. arms sales to Israel as the conflict and the bloodshed continue. And the liberal election victory in Pennsylvania that nobody saw coming last night. Guests: Rep. James McGovern, Mehdi Hasan, Danya...
Published 05/20/21
Tonight: The Republican Leader moves to kill an investigation into the Capitol riot as one of his members defends the insurrection on the floor. Then, alarming reporting on the lengths the Trump Justice Department went to unmask a Devin Nunes parody account on Twitter. Plus, Joe Biden's National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy on what today's big push for electric trucks means for the country. And Senator Chris Murphy on why the White House still isn't formally calling for ceasefire in Israel.
Published 05/19/21
Tonight: Dr. Fauci explains the science behind the new CDC mask guidance. Then, the congressman who compared an insurrection to a "tourist visit" was apparently barricading himself in the Capitol to keep the tourists out. Plus, as the devastation continues in Israel, why did it take so long for the United States to even discuss a ceasefire? And will Republicans keep up the lies about Roe v. Wade as the Supreme Court takes up a huge abortion rights case? Guests: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rep. Ted...
Published 05/18/21
Tonight: How Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican Congress just ended generations of conservative rule. Plus, we finally have the plea agreement for that close associate of Matt Gaetz who admits in court that he and "other adult men" engaged in "commercial sex acts" with a minor. Then, new calls for action as video of the QAanon congresswoman shaking down AOC’s office surfaces. Guests: Sarah Longwell, Benjy Sarlin , Jose Pagliery, Garrett Haake, Olivia Beavers, Rep. David Cicilline,...
Published 05/15/21
Tonight: how the MAGA crowd is running your 2021 Republican Party. Then, new reporting on the right-wing group coordinating the state by state effort to rollback democracy. Plus, the activist sting to try and trap FBI and Trump administration officials trashing the 45th president. And the latest on the nightmare in Gaza and Tel Aviv. Guests: Jacqueline Alemany, Carlos Curbelo, Ari Berman, Harry Litman, Rula Jebreal, Lisa Goldman
Published 05/14/21
Tonight: Just how far is Liz Cheney will to go to stop Donald Trump? Then, former Trump officials finally face tough questions over the January 6th attack—and what we learned about the President's order for the military to protect his mob. Plus, how one state's vaccination drive just became a lottery Guests: Sam Seder, Mickey Edwards, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Ro Khanna, Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, Sec. Miguel Cardona
Published 05/13/21
Tonight: While Democrats were trying to nudge voter protections through the Senate, Arizona's Republican governor signed a law to purge the early voting list. Then, the vote to remove the number three Republican in House leadership for not pushing the big lie. Plus, reports of a new effort to move past January 6th and to get corporations to start donating to Republicans again. Guests: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Elie Mystal, Mona Charen, Olivia Troye, Judd Legum, Ben Rhodes, Dr. Peter Hotez
Published 05/12/21
Tonight: Kevin McCarthy's letter calling for the purge of Liz Cheney, and new reporting on the origin story of the big election lie. Then, the fierce urgency of now for the Biden agenda, why Republicans are closer to controlling Congress than you think. And are we all good with Jeff Bezos buying a half billion dollar yacht while Amazon pays little or no taxes? Guests: Jon Swaine, Michelle Goldberg, Dahlia Lithwick, Irin Carmon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Jane Mayer
Published 05/11/21
Tonight: the abject Republican surrender imperiling Democracy. Then, why Mitch McConnell is actually feeling heat after his brush with honesty. Plus, how did the Federal Elections Commission let Donald Trump off for the criminal conspiracy that sent his lawyer to prison? And why there is genuine alarm for the economic recovery from the pandemic after today's bad jobs report. Guests: Barbara Comstock, Benjy Sarlin, Hayes Brown, Betsey Stevenson, Ellen Weintraub
Published 05/08/21