Washington Post education reporter Laura Meckler takes listeners behind the reporting for her story “The test of their lives,” in which she spent months watching a public-school teacher and his students confront the challenges of life without a classroom.
Published 07/22/20
Published 07/22/20
The world is looking to Timothy Sheahan for hope. He’s a virologist at UNC-Chapel Hill leading the effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine—and fast. He shared recordings of a week in his life, from May 28 to June 3, for this series finale.
Published 06/12/20
Amid the Washington protests, Dr. Yetunde Patrick reopened her dentist office — juggling Covid-19 concerns and staff shortages while watching her city burn and teaching her son about his blackness. She shared recordings with The Post from May 28 to June 3
Published 06/05/20
A massive dam failure in Midland, Mich., left an entire community literally underwater during the coronavirus pandemic. Jacob May, a high school senior who saw the devastation ravage his hometown, shared recordings with The Post from April 25 to May 23.
Published 05/29/20
With her college graduation cancelled, Rachel Leach had to process the significance of her achievement in solitude — revisiting memories of her journey out of poverty. She shared recordings with The Post from May 9 to 18.
Published 05/22/20
As the meat industry struggles in the pandemic, consumers are seeing lower supplies and higher prices for beef. But the strain has also hit independent ranchers such as Terry Swanson of Colorado. He shared recordings with The Post from April 28 to May 7.
Published 05/15/20
Gabe Albornoz, a council member in Montgomery County, Md., who leads the Health and Human Services Committee, let us into his life for a week as his county responded to the pandemic. He shared recordings with The Post April 23 - May 2.
Published 05/08/20
With the NBA suspended because of covid-19, Washington Wizards point guard Ish Smith finds himself home, filling his days with video games alone instead of high-stakes games in front of thousands of fans. Smith shared recordings with The Post April 18-23.
Published 05/01/20
Marquise Knox, a blues musician in St. Louis, was set to release a new album and tour with ZZ Top this spring. Now, he’s self-isolated, playing music on Facebook Live, and feeling the blues hit home. He shared recordings with The Post April 6-19.
Published 04/24/20
Mary Eaton, a minister for the homeless community in Boston, spent Holy Week helping a group of people whose isolation and hardship is worsening with the pandemic. She shared recordings and audio diaries with The Post from April 3 to 10.
Published 04/17/20
Alaa Daghlas, a physician’s assistant at a Bronx hospital, contracted covid-19. She let us into her world March 30-April 7 as she grappled with the decision to return to work after her recovery, and prepared for her first day on the frontlines.
Published 04/10/20
March 2020 was the month when coronavirus changed everything in the United States. It quickly upended American lives, including that of Minnesota librarian Annie Wrigg.
Published 04/03/20
Recordings from the 1969 concert and interviews with those who were there reveal how the festival became a scene of chaos, violence and death. Episode 2 brings you inside the concert and a day many don't want to remember.
Published 11/21/19
50 years ago the Rolling Stones headlined a free concert that ended in chaos, with a young man killed feet from the stage as the Stones played. Episode 1 (of 2) explores the decisions that led up to this festival and asks, "Why didn't anyone stop it?"
Published 11/21/19
4 years ago, Germany kept its borders open to a surge of refugees. Many of them settled in Frankfurt Oder, a city in eastern Germany. Now, longtime residents and new arrivals are grappling on an intimate level with changes that have polarized Europe.
Published 11/08/19
In Jackson, Miss., 20 low-income women are a part of one of the first universal basic income pilot programs in the country, assessing a seemingly simple solution to end poverty: give people money — no strings attached.
Published 11/06/19
In 2015, Prichard Colon suffered a major brain injury after a boxing match gone wrong. Specialists predicted he’d spend the rest of his life in a vegetative state. He can’t walk or talk, but he survived; now Colon is slowly trying to rebuild his life.
Published 11/04/19
In Guatemala the U.S.-funded Centro Quédate — the Stay Here Center — teaches young people job skills in hopes of dissuading them from migrating to the United States. Whether it helps students make the decision — to stay or to go — is uncertain.
Published 06/17/19
In the two decades since the shooting at Columbine High School, the school district has led the way in finding threats before they go too far. Much of that has come down to one man.
Published 05/04/19
A new podcast from The Washington Post exploring stories of what it means to be human in today’s world.
Published 05/02/19