Season 1: Iron and Wine & Calexico | Part 4: “The Record”
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In the fourth and penultimate chapter of this season’s Assembly, Iron and Wine and Calexico return to New York City -- for many, the closest planet to the Sun -- to make some necessary noise at SiriusXM and CBS Television. Hear how much sound, fury, and craftsmanship goes into creating the most beautiful silences, and how even the highest profiles of art are hardly paint-by-numbers nor operations. Such moments are more like a rousing game of Twister with both a stopwatch and a kick ass green room or two along the way. Donuts and Emmys sold separately. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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How far does David Cross like to take the joke? What's going on in his mind when he's making us laugh? And will anyone have the nerve to ever talk back to him? In Part 5, "David Hit the Atmosphere", we take a few last shots before saying good-night. Yes, it's the season finale of Assembly's...
Published 12/15/20
When comedians ask questions, their audiences are all too happy to answer … like it or not. In Part 4, "Is This Who I Am", we examine how feedback factors heavily into David Cross' current process and how it works for him. After all, no one’s immune to feedback. Ever notice this Internet thing...
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If someone makes a joke but no one hears it ... is it still funny? In Part 3, "Your Shows of Show", we examine David Cross' not-quite-hate-but-far-from-love relationship with the audience, and how they're now key to his ensuing process. But when Mr. Show rewrote the rules of sketch comedy, did...
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