Join Simon and Jillian for all the latest-and-greatest updates! Chapters: 00:45 AWS Marketplace 01:24 Analytics 05:41 Application Integration 07:08 Blockchain 07:50 Business Applications 07:59 Compute 10:02 Databases 11:12 Developer Tools 13:43 Front End Web & Mobile 14:15 Internet of Things 14:28 Machine Learning 15:26 Management & Governance 17:27 Media Services 18:05 Migration & Transfer 18:44 Networking & Content Delivery 19:14 Security, Identity, &...
Published 02/26/24
Published 02/26/24
Today, we present the first episode of a new three-part series devoted to the energy industry. We'll dig into the latest advancements, trends, and challenges shaping the energy landscape and discuss how AWS is supporting our customers in the current energy environment. Join us and our AWS Energy Leaders as we uncover the stories behind what is really happening in the energy industry.
Published 02/23/24
Simon & Jillian cover a cool mix of updates and improvements you can use today! Chapters: 00:42 AWS Marketplace 01:21 Analytics 02:26 Application Integration 03:23 Blockchain 04:04 Compute 05:30 Customer Engagement 05:56 Databases 07:03 Machine Learning 08:05 Management & Governance 08:57 Media Services 09:41 Networking 10:01 Security, Identity, & Compliance 10:26 Solutions 11:13 Storage Shownotes: https://d29iemol7wxagg.cloudfront.net/652ExtendedShownotes.html
Published 02/12/24
In this episode, we discuss AWS migration assessments using AWS Migration Evaluator. The complimentary, fast assessment compares on-premises and AWS costs and delivers a business case to justify migration. It provides data-driven analysis of compute, storage, licensing, and sustainable best practices.
Published 02/05/24
Jillian takes you through all the latest AWS updates! Chapters: 00:48 AWS Marketplace; 01:25 Analytics; 03:04 Application Integration; 03:41 Compute; 08:19 Customer Engagement; 09:13 Databases; 11:39 Developer Tools; 12:41 Front End Web and Mobile; 13:28 Machine Learning; 13:55 Management & Governance; 15:44 Media Services; 15:52 Migration & Transfer; 17:07 Networking & Content Delivery; 18:48 Security, Identity, & Compliance; 19:34 Storage; 20:46 Supply Chain
Published 01/29/24
In this episode, hear how S3 Express One Zone enables workloads such as machine learning training, interactive analytics, and media content creation to achieve single-digit millisecond data access speed with high durability and availability.
Published 01/27/24
Jillian and Shruti take you through all the updates since re:Invent! AWS Marketplace (01:01); Analytics (01:32); Application Integration (08:04); Compute (09:33); Customer Engagement (22:45); Databases (25:37); Developer Tools (31:39); End User Computing (34:28); Front End Web and Mobile (34:51); Internet of Things (35:13); Machine Learning (36:07); Management & Governance (39:35); Media Services (48:06); Migration & Transfer (48:42); Networking & Content Delivery (49:52);...
Published 01/15/24
In this episode, we’re diving deep into Amazon Q, your generative AI–powered assistant designed for work that can be tailored to your business, recently launched at re:Invent 2023. We’ll go through Amazon Q’s main areas of expertise so you can learn about how Amazon Q can help you get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take actions using the data and expertise found in your company's information repositories, code, and enterprise systems....
Published 01/08/24
Amazon RDS is a fully managed, secure, and compliant service that simplifies setup, operation, and database scaling in the cloud. Joining this episode with Simon Elisha, is Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Sr. Technical Product Manager at AWS. They'll discuss the features, benefits, and use cases of Amazon RDS for Db2.
Published 12/18/23
We continue to dive deep into the recent announcements from AWS re:Invent, with the release of Amazon Neptune Analytics. Discover how Neptune Analytics helps customers find insights 80x faster by analyzing their existing Neptune graph database or graph data from a data lake such as Amazon S3. Jillian Forde is joined by Dr. Denise Gosnell (Principal Product Manager for Amazon Neptune) to learn more about Amazon Neptune Analytics. We discuss how speed is of the essence for gaining insights from...
Published 12/11/23
In this episode, we’re diving deep into one of the recent announcements from AWS re:Invent, the release of Amazon ElasticCache Serverless. This new option allows customers to create a cache in under a minute and instantly scale capacity based on application traffic patterns. Jillian Forde is joined by Abhay Saxena (Principal Technical Product Manager for In-Memory databases) to learn more about ElastiCache Serverless. We talk about the benefits of caching and dive into ElastiCache Serverless...
Published 12/04/23
In our final re:Invent recap episode, Simon shares news and announcements from Dr. Werner Vogels' keynote. We’ll cover why artificial intelligence (AI) is something every builder must consider when developing systems and its tremendous impact on our world. Also, stay tuned for episodes in the next few weeks where we'll dive deep into some of our favorite re:Invent launches. Be sure to tune in!
Published 11/30/23
Our re:Invent 2023 coverage continues! In this episode, Jillian Forde shares highlights from re:Invent Day 3, focusing on the profound and impactful relationship between humans, data, and AI that is unfolding right before us.
Published 11/30/23
Our re:Invent 2023 coverage continues! In this episode, Jillian Forde shares highlights from Day 2 of re:Invent, including some big announcements from AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote.
Published 11/29/23
It’s the most re:Invent time of the year! Simon guides you through the most exciting announcements from Peter DeSantis’ keynote, where he dives deep into the engineering that powers AWS services. PLUS Simon catches you up on 100 other announcements in just 30 minutes!!
Published 11/28/23
Explore everything AWS re:Invent had to offer this November 27th through December 1st 2023! Join Simon Elisha and Jillian Forde as they share their tips to use your time efficiently and discover content that is most relevant to your interests wether you are in Las Vegas or joining remotely. Schedule your event using the session catalog found here: https://reinvent.awsevents.com/session-catalog/
Published 11/20/23
Lots of interesting updates to hear about this week! Chapters: Analytics (00:45); Application Integration (04:07); Cost Management (09:05); Developer Tools (12:20); End User Computing (13:22); Font End Web & Mobile (14:03); Internet of Things (14:13); Machine Learning (14:42); Management & Governance (17:05); Migration & Transfer (19:49); Networking & Content Delivery (20:42); Security, Identity, & Compliance (21:26); Storage (22:03)...
Published 11/18/23
Tune in to listen to Jillian Forde and Jake Siddall (AWS Senior Product Manager) dive deep into a new service called Amazon EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML. EC2 Capacity Blocks enable you to reserve GPU instances in Amazon EC2 UltraClusters to run ML workloads. Amazon EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML product details: https://bit.ly/3StmbR8
Published 11/13/23
For time-strapped data teams looking to simplify analytics on large transactional data, Amazon Aurora's seamless integration with Amazon Redshift is a game-changer. Tune in to listen to chat with, Jyoti Aggarwal (Product Management lead for Amazon Redshift zero-ETL), Adam Levin (Principal Product Manager on the Amazon Aurora) for a new service called Amazon Aurora with Amazon Redshift Integration. Amazon Aurora with Amazon Redshift Integration is a capability that enables organizations to run...
Published 11/09/23
75 Updates this episode! It is an exciting ride! 00:59 AWS Marketplace 01:26 Analytics 04:48 Application Integration 06:30 Blockchain 06:56 Compute 09:22 Databases 13:07 Developer Tools 14:31 End User Computing 15:47 Internet of Things 16:37 Machine Learning 20:12 Management & Governance 21:55 Media Services 22:10 Migration & Transfer 24:50 Security, Identity, & Compliance Shownotes: https://d29iemol7wxagg.cloudfront.net/635ExtendedShownotes.html
Published 11/06/23
Explore the transformative power of generative AI in businesses. In this episode, our host, Jillian Forde, is joined by Gopinath Sankaran (Vice President Strategic Cloud Ecosystems at Informatica) to discuss all things generative AI. We talk about generative AI's varied applications across functional areas like business operations and customer experience and explore the importance of a strong data foundation for generative AI. Fuel innovation with data and AI: https://go.aws/3MpV3yE
Published 11/02/23
A great mix of updates this episode. Developers, data folks, video folks, lots for everyone! 00:22 Analytics 03:48 Application Integration 07:07 Compute 12:14 Customer Engagement 12:43 Database 14:42 Developer Tools 16:03 End User Computing 16:50 Front End Web & Mobile 17:40 Internet of Things 19:07 Machine Learning 22:53 Management & Governance 25:55 Media Services 26:28 Networking & Content Delivery 28:47 Security, Identity, & Compliance 30:09 Supply Chain Shownotes:...
Published 10/30/23
Experience-Based Acceleration (EBA) is an AWS program to accelerate cloud journeys. Today Jillian Ford speaks with Bilal Shirazi (Principal EBA Lead North America) and Rughved Gadgil (Senior Solutions Architect) and explores the benefits of EBA to overcome barriers in your cloud projects. Whether you’re just getting started or in the middle of a migration, learn how EBA’s can achieve outcomes in days not months. Deliver your first ML use case in 8–12 weeks (blog post):...
Published 10/23/23
Simon Elisha is joined by Leif Reinert, Principal Product Manager Tech at AWS, to discuss how Amazon EC2 P5 instances with NVIDIA H100 GPUs can accelerate your ML training and HPC workloads, helping you get results faster and reduce costs. About Amazon EC2 P5 Instances: https://bit.ly/3Q0Dkie Amazon EC2 P5 Instances Powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs for Accelerating Generative AI and HPC Applications (blog post): https://bit.ly/3Fp3nLc
Published 10/19/23