Marc Lesser on Finding Clarity and Compassionate Accountability at Work and Beyond
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This week I was excited to speak with Marc Lesser. Marc is a renowned speaker, facilitator, workshop leader, and executive coach. He specializes in integrating mindfulness and emotional intelligence into his presentations and training sessions. Marc is the author of five books, including his latest Finding Clarity: How Compassionate Accountability Builds Vibrant Relationships, Thriving Workplaces, and Meaningful Lives. He serves as the CEO of ZBA Associates, a firm focused on executive development and leadership consulting. His podcast, Zen Bones: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, offers insightful interviews and mindfulness practices aimed at personal development and organizational influence. Marc is here to share his wisdom and insights on the power of communication, compassion, and accountability in our lives and work. He challenges us to question our assumptions, engage in difficult conversations, and create both a work and personal culture that fosters both compassion and truth. From his experience in running a Zen monastery kitchen to working with Google engineers, Marc has a unique perspective on leadership, emotional intelligence, and the importance of listening. This was a really insightful conversation about how to both reclaim agency in the workplace and how we can begin asking the hard questions of ourselves and our employers. If you or anyone you know has been struggling with finding a degree of clarity and accountability at work or in your personal life this episode offers immense insights and reflections on how you can begin to start that process and start feeling more empowered while finding deeper meaning and agency in your life.  Check out our sponsors to help support the show! Connect with Marc: Website  Book Podcast Linkedin  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  Connect with Erik: Sign Up For Our Newsletter LinkedIn  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  ________________________________________ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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