Jeff Sieh on Repurposing Your Audio & Video Content to Reach a Larger Audience
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This week I’m excited to welcome my friend Jeff Sieh back to the show to continue a chat we recently had surrounding creativity, repurposing, and how AI and technology can help us reach our goals. In the previous portion of this conversation Jeff and I discussed creativity in the context of building your business. This week we pivot to the art of repurposing, remixing, and repackaging your audio, video, or creative content to reach larger untapped audiences or markets.  Jeff is an international speaker and visual marketing consultant. He hosts the Social Media News Live show and podcast and is also “Head Beard” at Manly Pinterest Tips. Jeff has worked with and produced a wide range of content for various companies, including Guy Kawasaki, Kim Garst, Social Media Examiner, and Tailwind. In this chat Jeff shares his expertise on repurposing pillar content for different platforms and formats, offering valuable insights into leveraging technology and tools to maximize content reach. From the Amazon Influencer program to the importance of repurposing live content, Jeff and I explore strategies to extend content lifespan and engage diverse audiences. We also discuss the significance of catering to different audience preferences and utilizing tools such as Descript for text-based editing and content analysis. Don't miss out on Jeff’s valuable insights into expanding your reach and growing your brand.  _____________________________________ Connect with Jeff: Links  Descript 101 Social Media News Live _____________________________________ Connect with Erik: Sign Up For Our Newsletter LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram  _____________________________________ This podcast is powered by: Descript  Podpage  Castmagic Ecamm Rodecaster Pro Top Productivity Books List Make sure to support the show by checking out the sponsors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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