Erik Fisher and Todd Bushong on The State of Television Streaming, Regulating Your Media Diet, and Recapturing the Communal Magic of TV & Movies
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This week I’m excited to welcome my friend and the producer of the podcast Todd Bushong back to the show for a laid back chat about the state of television streaming, regulating our media diet, and recapturing some of the communal magic of movies and television. With the Oscars airing this Sunday it got me thinking about how incredibly different media consumption is in the age of streaming and I wanted to talk with Todd about that topic as well as offer up some tips and tricks for maximizing your dollar during the current streaming wars. In the episode we delve into the complexities and even stress caused by the modern streaming landscape. We discuss some of the anxiety that I’ve been experiencing about missing out on many of the Oscar nominated films this year and why that anxiety might be more common than I thought. Todd and I explore the concept of media anxiety, which stems from the overwhelming number of choices available on streaming platforms and the social pressure to keep up with popular shows and films, especially during awards season. In addition we examine the consequences of a fragmented media culture and consider how podcasts have stepped in to fill the void of communal discussion about media. Throughout the episode, we hope to offer practical advice on managing streaming services and consumption, aiming to reduce decision fatigue while maximizing your down time. Some tips include using physical media, being intentional about what to watch, and creating a shared viewing experience with others. We discuss personalizing streaming services to suit your preferences, such as using accessibility features on Apple TV, how to incorporate media into your routine in a controlled manner, and how a healthy media diet is similar to healthy meal planning.  ________________________________________ Related Episodes: Nick Gray on Building Big Relationships with Small Parties or Gatherings Kendra Adachi on Prioritizing the Things That Matter Ryan McRae on Hygge, Pacing and Rest _________________________________________ Connect with Erik: LinkedIn Facebook  Instagram Threads _________________________________________ This Podcast is Powered By: Descript Descript 101 Castmagic Ecamm Podpage Rodecaster Pro Top Productivity Books List Make sure to support the show by checking out the sponsors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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