Karl Hebenstreit on Applying the Enneagram to Your Business and Interoffice Communication
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This week I’m excited to welcome Karl Hebenstreit for a chat about his book, The How and Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram. Karl is a certified executive coach, leadership and organization development consultant, author, and international speaker. His 25+ year career spans the areas of HR and OD in biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and more. Karl holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University.  Together, we'll explore how the Enneagram provides a deeper, more nuanced look into our psyches compared to other personality frameworks like Myers-Briggs or DISC, and why knowing your Enneagram subtype can revolutionize communication and collaboration within your team. We'll delve into the synergy between your instinctual behaviors and core type, uncover how the Enneagram's focus on motivation helps us navigate workplace dynamics, and highlight the practical benefits of this wisdom for everyday interactions. This is a great episode for anyone eager to learn more about implementing Enneagram principles in their professional lives but are not clear on where to start. Related Episodes: Ian Morgan Cron on The Enneagram 101 Ian Morgan Cron on Overcoming the Productivity Hangups of Each Enneagram Type ______________________________________ Connect with Karl: Website Book LinkedIn Karl’s Kids Book on The Enneagram  ______________________________________ Connect with Erik: LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram  ______________________________________ This Podcast is Powered By: Descript Descript 101 Castmagic Ecamm Podpage Rodecaster Pro Top Productivity Books List Make sure to support the show by checking out the sponsors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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