Dr. Barry Kudrowitz on How Play and Humor Fuel Innovation
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This week it was my pleasure to welcome Dr. Barry Kudrowitz to the show for a chat about his great book, Sparking Creativity: How Play and Humor Fuel Innovation and Design. Dr. Kudrowitz is a professor of product design and department head in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. There, he founded and directed the product design program from 2011-2021. Barry received his PhD from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying humor, creativity, and idea generation. He is interested in how creativity is perceived, evaluated, and learned. In addition, Barry has years of experience working with the toy industry and has taught toy design for over a decade. In this episode, we delve into how changing our mindset can transform mundane chores into enjoyable activities, explore why traditional icebreakers often fail, and discuss the vital role of creativity in every aspect of our lives. Barry will share practical examples of how educators and professionals have successfully implemented these concepts to create more engaging environments. Prepare to rethink how you approach work, creativity, and play with insights that blend academic rigor with real-world practicality.  Related Episodes: Creativity Podcast Playlist  Sparking Creativity: How Play and Humor Fuel Innovation and Design ______________________________________ Connect with Barry: Website Book ______________________________________ Connect with Erik: LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram  ______________________________________ This Podcast is Powered By: Descript Descript 101 Castmagic Ecamm Podpage Rodecaster Pro Top Productivity Books List Make sure to support the show by checking out the sponsors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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