Once upon a time, when bitcoin went up, ethereum went up. When bitcoin went down, ethereum went down. That has changed, for good reason.
Published 11/12/21
Published 11/12/21
There are semiconductors in everything from washing machines to cars to smartphones. There's also not nearly enough of them. CNBC explores how the global chip shortage started, and what it will take to end it.
Published 10/08/21
Beijing's regulatory blitz has shocked outsiders and befuddled investors. Here's why it's happening, and what it could mean for China and beyond.
Published 08/30/21
El Salvador is the first country to declare bitcoin legal tender. But the experiment raises big questions about what will happen next — for bitcoin and the country itself.
Published 07/26/21
Electric car sales may start spiking in 2024 as more models compete with the likes of Tesla. But big challenges — from tech to infrastructure — remain.
Published 06/02/21
After a record high in 2017 and subsequent crash, bitcoin has seen a resurgence. Bigger investors have helped drive the price higher with comparisons being made between bitcoin and gold. But what lies ahead for the cryptocurrency?
Published 02/17/21
China, the United States and the European Union all want to rein in Big Tech to one degree or another, each for its own reasons.
Published 01/11/21
Nearly 50 years after the debut of the first games console, the industry has changed dramatically. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are battling it out for supremacy, with all 3 making forays into subscription models and cloud gaming.
Published 11/20/20
Beijing has blocked a lot of foreign content within Chinese cyberspace for years. But tensions between the U.S. and China now threaten to split the internet into separate technological systems — one Chinese, and one Western. The ramifications could shape the future of politics around the world.
Published 10/20/20
The U.S.-China tech war has made Beijing realize it needs a strong chip industry. But catching the United States will be a stiff challenge.
Published 09/14/20
Raghuram Rajan, former India central banker and ex-IMF chief economist, explains to "Beyond the Valley" what central bank digital currencies could look like — and what they would mean for commerce.
Published 08/20/20
Caught between the tech giants of the United States and China, an initiative from Germany and France hopes to keep European data under European control. Enter Gaia X.
Published 07/17/20
Beijing is gearing up to launch an ambitious 15-year blueprint called "China Standards 2035." Its aim: to influence global standards which underpin many key technologies. But is it all just hype? Or can they achieve their goal?
Published 06/22/20
The world is trying to figure out a tax system fit for the 21st century. But debate over a digital tax has caused political clashes between Europe and the United States.
Published 05/06/20
China's biggest technology firms have doubled down on health tech including AI, potentially opening lucrative new streams of revenue.
Published 04/27/20
Companies from SpaceX to OneWeb are looking to send thousands of satellites into space. The aim is to bring internet to the remotest parts of the world. But there could be problems.
Published 02/17/20
Chinese-owned app TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. But now it's facing scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers.
Published 12/13/19
Technology is being perfected in China that uses cameras, software and artificial intelligence to identify individuals as they go about their daily lives. And now other countries are trying it out.
Published 10/08/19
Beyond the Valley looks at how Huawei has navigated a trade war, a tech blacklist, and other global turbulence — and where it may be headed next.
Published 09/06/19
Beyond the Valley explores Facebook's “Libra” and other global efforts to make cryptocurrencies a part of daily life.
Published 08/22/19
A unlikely regulatory body sits firmly on the front line of data protection and privacy, and it wields a very "big stick" over Silicon Valley and beyond.
Published 06/20/19
Smartphone makers have a problem. A lot of people see no reason to upgrade. Manufacturers are trying hard to give them one.
Published 05/23/19
The 5G network of the future will manage super-complex tasks quickly, and both China and the United States want to control it.
Published 04/22/19
E-commerce has opened the whole world to sellers in Asia and Europe. But if they want to be big merchants, they have to contend with big tech.
Published 03/08/19