Ezra and the Second Temple Part TWO!
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Last week Ezra showed up late to his own party. This week, he might be... TOO present. We're getting major Exodus vibes from this story, including the long journey back to Jerusalem and a bit of paranoia about making sure everyone follows the dang rules and doesn't TOUCH the STUFF. But no one (except Ezra) could have seen what was coming next... and we're pretty mad about it.  Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
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Published 05/21/23
We're revisiting the time we revisited the past! We got a time machine. It was expensive, but we needed it… we went back in time to find out HOW the Bible was made, WHY even, and also who dunnit. From collapsing city-states to a really hot fire, come on this adventure with us and find out what...
Published 05/21/23
What happens when you combine a drinking game, a Bible, and two nonsense people? Lily and Angela turn the Book of Proverbs into the drinking game "Kings"... with some Bible-ish twists! How many Proverbs can they get through? Will they remember to say BINGBONG before every turn? Is Lily actually a...
Published 05/07/23