Published 12/25/21
Jesus is getting a reputation, and Mary misses the simpler times when he was just running around the yard turning birds to clay. This Christmas Day we bring you part TWO of our 2021 Christravaganza Christmas Spectacular: how Jesus turned water into wine. We know this year feels different for so many of us, and Mary would certainly be able to relate. So grab your hot chocolate and cozy up with us, why dontcha! Merry Yule to us all. 3 SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Music...
Published 12/25/21
Christmas feels different this year. But then again, so does Jesus. In our linear telling of his tale, we're stepping into new territory this year: exorcising demons, picking his posse, and crashing a wedding? Jesus is going through it as an adult and we're going to tell you ALL about it. Even about poor Besnergeneez.  Happy Yule and tune in NEXT WEEK for Part 2 of our Christmas CHRISTRAVAGANZA friends! We wish you a safe and happy holiday week. SUPPORT THE SHOW...
Published 12/19/21
Shhhh baby Jesus is *still* sleeping! This VERY special episode comes to you by way of the year 2018. It is our very first Christmas episode, and we love it with all our hearts. This is the story of baby Jeebus, his mom, his dad (God), Elizabeth (WHO?!) and an announcement from us about the Christmas Double Feature you're about to get this month. Good tidings to you, dear listeners. Wherever you are. Happy Jeebus season! See you again next week! Away In A Manger by Audionautix is licensed...
Published 12/12/21
We've reached THE END, FOLKS. Okay... not the end forever, but the end of the Old Testament! And no we don't do these episodes in order, so we WILL circle back to some things, but on this monumental occasion we just had to pull out all the stops and bring back the Bibleish Time Machine to visit 500 B.C. and our new friend Malachi the avant garde performer! In reality he was a prophet, but today you get to see him perform his greatest prophetic hits. This is not to be missed.  Special thanks...
Published 11/28/21
Joshua has been on a mission to destroy every existing Kingdom on his quest through the Promised Land. But can he really take down 31 KINGS? Well, lucky for you, Lily made a song to explain it. Tune in to find out if Joshua can complete his mission before God bids him farewell, because He thinks Joshua has gotten old and gross. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 11/14/21
Ready to go for a terrifying journey to the Valley of Dry Bones? In this week's SPOOKY Halloween episode we summon you to witness the army of the dead, and Ezekiel's madness. Or is it madness? You decide. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 10/31/21
What's so wrong with eating a really great lizard anyway?! And why all the MOLD? Gather round friends, this week we are unpacking the great journey of Leviticus! We're discussing the book in a bit more detail based off our EPIC video episode from last week. We also have a special offer for you tucked away in this episode. So listen and enjoy! And if you haven't gotten the chance to take a look at last week's episode, grab a snack (manna is fine, or whatever you have handy) and watch it here:...
Published 10/17/21
HEY! DISCLAIMER: for the full experience, WATCH this multimedia masterpiece on YouTube (https://youtu.be/EYGDjDdSd_4) ... this is Bibleish 360!  In today's very extra super special episode, we gathered three friends, a camera, and Marlowe the Very Good Dog to play LEVITICUS: THE BOARD GAME, which we've been sneak previewing for weeks!  Lily created this game when an un-fan e-mailed us a quote from Leviticus, citing it as a reason we should stop supporting the LGBTQ community. But we...
Published 10/03/21
Lest we forget, Moses and the Israelites' journey was long, difficult, and critical to figuring out their faith. This week we FINALLY got together in person to work on a very special upcoming project that will show you very literally what their journey to Mount Sinai entailed. So please enjoy the re-launch of our original episode, "How Do You Jew (Part 2)", to get caught up and excited for the surprises ahead! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show...
Published 09/19/21
Moses is BACK! Well, kind of. He's not Jesus so no surprise reappearances (spoiler alert.) This week we're relaunching one of our fan-favorite episodes to get us ALL up to speed on Moses' story as we continue to pave our way through the Promised Land. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 09/05/21
Some of the most common English phrases have Biblical roots, even if you've never known their origin. Want to take a guess at which ones? Spoiler alert: we only passed this test by the skin of our teeth.  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 08/22/21
On location, touring around the nation, the Israelites have garnered a big reputation... and it's about to bite them in the donk. When the next city on their conquest bucket list hears of their approach, they devise a sneaky plan to try and ward off Joshua and the Israelites. But who has a right to this land? And this city was supposed to be closer... who broke the holy GPS? Tune in to find out! P.S. We want to know your Hello Operator lyrics. Email us at [email protected] 3 Music...
Published 08/08/21
After TOOTING their horns at Jericho 'til it fell down, Joshua and his army set their sights on the city of Ai. It should be an easy battle, but there's a terrible secret afoot: one of his men has selfishly swiped some holy valuables and God is PISSED about it. Listen now to find out what happens to Joshua, Achan the thief, their 30,000+ friends, and um... why does that rock quarry over there looks so suspicious? Music credit: Bensounds SUPPORT THE SHOW...
Published 07/25/21
A lone tumbleweed skitters across the barren desert. The high noon sun glimmers on the holy breastplate of a Levite looking for his next big adventure. Micah and his stolen sheckel shrine are about to meet their match as the Dan Gang gallops in over the horizon. Who will win this (un)holy showdown? Also, what is God even up to right now? Tune in now for this weeks' Western adventure in the land of Bibleish.  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show...
Published 07/11/21
God tells Joshua to lead his 40,000 to *do their lil dancey dance* around Jericho. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS WAR. No, seriously - join us for this adventure that takes us over the river, through the hills, and to the wh0rehouse we go. Just one thing... who's that guy waiting at the gate?! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 06/27/21
It's PRIDE MONTH, y'all! And this year, we're not just talking about Biblical gays... we're passing the mic to the Jewish Talmud to learn about gender in classical Jewish texts. Sounds surprising, right? The Bible doesn't directly mention anyone other than "men" and "women" but we all know that trans and intersex folks didn't just *appear* in the last 50 years. So join us for a lens on the O.G. Jewish understanding of gender that dates back thousands of years, and celebrate Pride with the...
Published 06/13/21
What happens when a Biblical Prophet receives midwestern hospitality in his time of need? In this case, Elisha gets a roof under his head, a hot dish, and a heartbreak. In today's episode we meet Darlene, her husband Hank, and the blessing Elisha tried to bestow upon them. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 05/30/21
A 165-pound book written by the Devil himself? This Medieval treasure was considered one of the wonders of the world at one point, and it even contains the groundbreaking work of St. Isidore - Patron Saint of TEH INTERNETS. Gather round for a story, friends! You're about to get donked. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 05/16/21
POV: you're putting together your army for a war. If you didn't bring a harp player, well, then in this story you LOSE. This week we're talking about what Elisha is up to after Elijah finally sheds the burden of... being Elijah. Elisha asked for twice the portion of Elijah's powers and this story shows it.  Join us for the journey! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
Published 05/02/21
Lil Nas X gave Satan a lap dance and we NEED to talk about it.
Published 04/18/21
Jesus starts to build his posse of Nobodies, and proves he's NOT just here to make "peace."
Published 04/04/21
If the holidays have you feeling like you're wandering and alone this year, you aren't the only one. And not just in the global sense. For this year's Bibleish Christmas episode we bring you nostalgia, songs, and the story of the temptation of Jesus as...
Published 12/25/20
From baby in a basket to one of the greatest Bible characters ever: is Moses about to finally see his people to the Promised Land?
Published 12/13/20
Jephthah wins in battle with God's help, but he's not prepared for the sacrifice he'll have to make. As it turns out, that creates the most epic ladies' weekend of all time.
Published 11/29/20