St. Augustine of Hippo is one of our arch nemeses. Why, you ask? Because he's to blame for a lot of our cultural shame around sex, sexuality, and homosexuality in specific. This week we re-launch one of our favorite ever Pride Month episodes, because the most annoying part is... he COULD have been a bisexual hero! Happy Pride Month, y'all! SUPPORT THE SHOW Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
Published 07/09/23
Published 07/09/23
We're revisiting the time we revisited the past! We got a time machine. It was expensive, but we needed it… we went back in time to find out HOW the Bible was made, WHY even, and also who dunnit. From collapsing city-states to a really hot fire, come on this adventure with us and find out what the Bible even really is. Please enjoy all our homemade (and not homemade) sound effects.  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
Published 05/21/23
What happens when you combine a drinking game, a Bible, and two nonsense people? Lily and Angela turn the Book of Proverbs into the drinking game "Kings"... with some Bible-ish twists! How many Proverbs can they get through? Will they remember to say BINGBONG before every turn? Is Lily actually a bunch of spiders in a trenchcoat? Find out in this relaunch episode.  Here are our Bibleish Kings rules if you want to play at home: Touch your noseRhyme the last word of the last proverb readLetter...
Published 05/07/23
We're revisiting Jonah's eventful fishing trip in Nineveh, but we also share some of the MOST exciting news for our Bibleish fam! In case you forgot, though... Jonah wins a mandatory trip to Cleveland and hitches a ride with a biker named Megalodon. Wait… ok maybe that’s not right. But we drank enough whiskey to tell the ACTUAL story of Jonah and the Whale in this episode. Find out what happens when you run from God in the Bible, and how we would end this story if we were scribes. Support...
Published 04/23/23
Happy FIVE YEARS OF BIBLEISH, everyone! This Easter, we're bringing you a whole new tale of Ishtar - and the real-life archaeologist who felt her wrath. To our knowledge, this story has never been put together this way before. So gather 'round and enjoy our mini-tale of Biblical travel, deceit, and redemption.  Special thanks (as every year) to Orangery at Pixabay for the music :)  Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
Published 04/09/23
As we recorded this intro on Trans Day of Visibility, we wanted to re-share one of our favorite episodes: the 6 Genders of Judaism. There are over 400 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation  in circulation in America today. We're here to remind everyone that being trans is not  crime, it's not unnatural, and it is definitely not new. Come sit with us for a little while and learn the Jewish understanding of gender that dates back thousands of years in the Talmud. And take good care, friends. Support...
Published 04/02/23
Last week Ezra showed up late to his own party. This week, he might be... TOO present. We're getting major Exodus vibes from this story, including the long journey back to Jerusalem and a bit of paranoia about making sure everyone follows the dang rules and doesn't TOUCH the STUFF. But no one (except Ezra) could have seen what was coming next... and we're pretty mad about it.  Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
Published 03/19/23
God's Barbecue is BACK UP AND RUNNING! This week, we lay the groundwork for Cyrus the Great, his lineage, the Jews building the second Temple, and like 1000 offerings laid down on the sacrifice grill. Oh, and Ezra, who just kind of shows up this time around.  Support the showSUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook
Published 03/05/23
Weeeee're BACK! Well, partially... because our post-lockdown immune systems are clearly still in development. After enduring Jezebel's depressing and dramatic death last season, we wanted to revisit her life in a re-release this week. We also meet Elijah, God's new BFF who goes through some asinine trials while God keeps trying to understand humans and their petty needs. Enjoy! If you enjoy Bibleish, please support this show on Patreon for exclusive access and a lot of other ridiculous(ly...
Published 02/19/23
Merry Chrysler and Happy Ho Days! As we continue our Christmas tradition of weaving the full story of Jesus together, Jesus and his disciples pass some deep philosophy around (always to the left) as they ponder some of life's greatest lessons. They also seem to notice Jesus has a growing amount of magical powers. It's almost like he can... walk on water? Music credits:  Track 1 - Bensounds.com Track 2 - Piano by the beautiful and talented Colette, Lily's Mom!!!  We'll be taking a  break...
Published 12/25/22
It's officially JESUS SEASON on Bibleish, but this week we're bringing back an episode that we both adore for the first time since it launched: our 2019 Christmas extravaganza! In this episode, Lily gives us an eye-opening background on the true Pagan origins of Santa, Christmas, and holiday blood-splashing. We also finish the story of baby Jeebus, follow him into his early adulthood, watch him get yelled at by his mom, and sing you some songs. We hope you enjoy and we'll see you on Christmas...
Published 12/11/22
Part Queen and part Priestess, Jezebel is an infamous Bible character whose reputation often precedes her. But as one of the few recurring female Bible characters who also AT LEAST IS GIVEN A NAME (!!) she receives more slander and holds more power than some might want you to believe. Find out what happened to Queen Jezebel and her Baals in this interactive episode, and join our Patreon if you'd like to access part one of our telling of Jezebel's tale. SUPPORT THE SHOW...
Published 11/27/22
We're all a little over Elisha's shiny, no-grit personality, so this week we're doing a SPEEDRUN through Kings to cover Elisha AND a few new(ish) faces. But just when we thought Elisha had nothing too interesting left to offer, we start to wonder: is this  prophet starting to lose his finesse? Or is it normal to douse people with oil and then run away?  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 11/13/22
Angela tells Lily the story of Eithne, Pagan goddess of the grain, and her unlikely counterpart - the King of Death. Crom Cruach is associated with Samhain for many reasons, not the least of which is his eternal affiliation with harvesting souls and marking the necessary death of Winter. Enjoy this Pagan spookytime episode. Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 10/31/22
A quick announcement about today's episode... which is coming to you tomorrow for Halloween! Also, Lily has something to confess. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 10/30/22
Biblical smut is BACK as Darlene and her family return to Shunem, the site of her last (embellished) tryst with the prophet Elisha. She has dreamt of his hands, his smile, and his embrace for seven years -- sorry, Hank -- and now she is as excited as she is nervous to see him. What she finds in her home instead gives her a shock that sends her running.  Will the long lost lovers reunite? But also does she remember that she is married? Can Lily and Angela still say words good? Listen now to...
Published 10/16/22
We have Lily back! And now, we're BOTH unhinged -- because there is no wrong way to deal with grief. Join us for an update, a few chaotic laugh-cries, and a sincere moment of thanks. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled Bible chat very soon. Thank you all, we hope you are doing well and we love you. Sound Credit for Music: Bensounds SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 10/02/22
Jephthah is not prepared for the sacrifice he'll have to make after God helps him win a ginormous battle.  Like, SUPER unprepared. But what happens as a result is the most epic Ladies' Weekend in the Bible. Come to the mountains with us, friends! No Jephthahs allowed. P.S. Join the Listeners' Ark! 2 by 2, file into our Patreon at the link below to support the show for as little as $1 a month. You can also support the show by leaving a review. We LOVE to see them, and we are so grateful for...
Published 09/18/22
Did you know God had a wife? Yeah. Asherah. The one who was written out of the Bible ON PURPOSE, but everyone really loved her. In this minisode relaunch, we talk about how dope Asherah is AND we get a super special reading of Lily's poem, which she created based off the missing pieces of Asherah's tale. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 09/04/22
This week we revisit one of the baddest b*tches of all time, Lilith: storm demon, night monster, and nickname to our very own Lily.  She was Adam's first wife... the one who *literally* got away! But why was she written out of the Bible? And why the bad reputation? Join us to find out  :)   SUPPORT THE SHOW ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 08/21/22
The sun is high, the humidity dense, and the crops are full and ready... which means it's time to celebrate Lughnasadh! In this minisode, Angela tells Lily about the August festival of first fruits and how everyone (per usual) just wanted to hop on board the Pagan train without actually owning it. Psh. Oh, and fair warning - one of us is having a damn meltdown in the intro. lol JOIN US FOR MORE: Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 08/07/22
Elisha gets a smutty makeover in a segment that can only be described as "Bibleish After Dark." As our adventures with Elisha continue again some more we meet a motley crew of characters, from a number of well-meaning lepers to a woman of great moral principle who maybe just HAPPENED to eat her son. NBD!  SUPPORT BIBLEISH ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 07/24/22
Elisha is back again some more! And this time we're learning about his pretty cool magic tricks, and how he "tricked" an entire army into embarrassing themselves in a rousing game of Stand Before The King. We just can't help but wonder if this shiny, average-seeming guy will ever have a dark night of the soul? GET ON BOARD WITH THE WOES OF LEADERSHIP, ELISHA! SUPPORT BIBLEISH ON Patreon Instagram Facebook Support the show
Published 07/10/22
This week, we honor Angela's mother who loved all creatures great and small. This "mini" episode covers the life and legacy of Saint Francis, and pays tribute to the other saints who share a connection with his legacy. "O God, enlarge within us the sense of fellowship with all living things, our little brothers the animals, to whom Thou hast given this earth as their home in common with us. We remember with shame that in the past we have exercised the high dominion of man with ruthless...
Published 06/26/22