Growing Up with Foster Siblings and Becoming a Single Mother with Lydia Bright
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Today on Blended, we’re joined by the lovely reality TV star, Lydia Bright. For pretty much all of Lydia’s life she’s been part of a Blended family. Her Mum Debbie and Dad Dave fostered over 250 children across 27 years, as well as having 3 biological children of their own meaning the Bright household was always a busy place to be! Lydia’s now a single mother herself, raising her three year old daughter Loretta. This chat focuses on both the Blended sides of Lydia’s life, the amazing and challenging experiences of growing up with foster siblings and becoming a single mother during a pandemic. If you're a single parent or considering fostering, the experiences and advice Lydia shares in today’s episode is just invaluable. If you’re excited to be a part of the Blended community, make sure to follow @Blended on Instagram.
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