How I Handled Trauma, Cut Out Toxic Friends & Found My Self-Worth + Boujee Bestrip Review [SOLO]
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EP72: If there were one word to describe this episode, it would be growth. Surrounding yourself with people who want to see you win, who are uplifting and motivating, is incredibly important in the game of life. Take a minute to ask yourself the question: When you spend time with someone (maybe a friend or significant other), how does that person make you feel? We have to assess our relationships and decide whether or not they genuinely benefit us.  In this vulnerable episode, I am sharing personal stories, goals, life lessons, how to grow as an individual, and how my recent Boujee Besties trip made an impact on my life. As the New Year is approaching, it is time we all take a minute to evaluate where we are and how we can continue to grow.  Episode highlights: Friendships  Moving schools and making new friends Life lessons in jobs  Financial freedom  Outgrowing friendships  How you feel around certain people  Girl friend groups Cutting people out of your life  Adult friendships  Building a community  Boujee Besties trip Growing to your fullest potential Timestamps: 0:00- 1:20 | Introduction 1:20- 9:50 | Moving schools and making new friends 9:50- 15:10 | Hustling at a young age  15:10- 25:30 | Surrounding yourself with the right people   26:30- 30:00 | Boujee Besties trip 30:00- 35:00 | Hearing from the girls on the Boujee Besties trip 35:00- 37:37 | Building a community of growth  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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