The holiday season is a time of joy, family, and friends. But what happens when grief interrupts that? What do you do when the holidays don't feel like they used to? Today's episode explores some new traditions that can help make the holiday season a little more bearable for those who are grieving.
Published 12/06/22
Published 11/29/22
Emotions are a normal and essential part of our lives but that doesn't mean we should always act on every one of them. It's important to be aware of the different types of emotions and how they can impact our decisions. Knowing how to deal with emotional reactions can help us make sounder judgments in everyday life - whether we're choosing what to wear or picking who to date. Our emotions can be swayed just as strongly as our response TO our emotions. So, how do we tame this lion within us to...
Published 11/29/22
What would you do if movie magic became reality? If, in the movies, we could always get what we wanted by just wishing hard enough or following our hearts, life would be a dream. However, as we all know, this is not the case. In real life, things don't always go according to plan. We make mistakes and sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we hoped it would. Just like in the movies, though, there is still much to be learned from these less-than-perfect moments. But listen in as you'll see...
Published 11/22/22
Forgiveness. It's something we've all heard of, and even experienced to some degree in our lives. But what is it really? What does it mean to forgive someone? Is it simply saying that you're no longer mad or upset at someone? Is it more than that? In this episode, I'm going to explore what forgiveness is not, as well as give my own definition of forgiveness can be.
Published 11/15/22
We all have that one t-shirt. You know the one I'm talking about—it's the one you've had for years and years, and it's seen better days. It's comfortable, sure, but it's also stained, full of holes, and maybe a little bit smelly. Just like an old t-shirt, our emotional baggage can be stained with the negative experiences of our past. It can be full of holes from all the times we've been hurt. And it can be so threadbare that it doesn't provide any warmth or protection anymore. Sound...
Published 11/08/22
In life, we all experience disappointing moments. Times when things don't go our way and we don't get the outcome we were hoping for. These moments can be really tough to deal with and can sometimes make us feel like a disappointment to others and ourselves. But today, we're going to learn the difference between disappointing and being a disappointment. There's a much wider gap than you would ever imagine. Listen in, share with a friend and most importantly, give yourself some grace.
Published 11/01/22
There's something about sitting down to a plate of food that can make us feel immediately guilty. We think about all the things we could have done differently - we shouldn't have had that extra slice of cake, we should have gone for a run before breakfast, we should be eating more greens. But what if, instead of beating ourselves up every time we eat, we took a moment to appreciate how miraculous and nourishing the food is? Just think about all the incredible things that had to happen for...
Published 10/25/22
Every morning is a chance for a fresh start. A chance to heal, grow, laugh, and embrace all of life's unpredictability. Today may be tough, but it's also a chance to learn and become stronger. The past is over and done with; it can't be changed. All we have is the present moment, which we can choose to make the best of it or not. Today is a new day, full of possibilities. Let's make the most of it!
Published 10/18/22
Do you ever feel like you're constantly in a hurry? Like you never have enough time for everything? Overwhelmed and stressed out? If so, then you may be experiencing what's called "hurry sickness." Unfortunately, hurry sickness is becoming increasingly common as our society becomes more and more fast-paced. But what is hurry sickness and why is it such a big deal? And most importantly, what can we do to address it and prevent burnout? Listen in to find out.
Published 10/11/22
Loneliness. That nagging feeling that something is missing, and no matter how much we try to fill the hole, it always seems to come back. Loneliness has been called the "common cold of emotions" because it's so widespread. But why is loneliness so common? And what can we do about it? Listen in as we explore the solitude soliloquy and offer some solutions for overcoming it.
Published 10/04/22
The other day someone wrote to ask my advice on adapting to new seasons. They are entering their first year of college away from home and wanted to know what advice I could offer. Whether you're transitioning into a new job, a new relationship, or a new home, change can be tough. If you're finding it difficult to adjust to your new circumstances, don't worry—you're not alone. In this episode we'll take a look as to how change can be easier than we allow ourselves to be accustomed to.
Published 09/27/22
Dealing with depersonalization can be a challenge. Sometimes, it feels like you are living in a dream and everything is not real. It's hard to focus on anything when you feel this way. You may find it difficult to connect with other people and experience the world around you. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing depersonalization, recognizing and accepting that life is lived in the present moment can be a helpful start. Today, we find ways to become Real. Present. Alive.
Published 09/20/22
Unicorns and suicide have something in common: they're both based on fiction. We like to think of suicide as something that doesn't happen to real people, that it's a myth. But the truth is, suicide is all too real. Every day, people of all ages and backgrounds take their own lives. And while we may not know them personally, their deaths have a ripple effect, touching the lives of those who knew and loved them. September is Suicide Awareness Month. If we're going to prevent suicide, we need...
Published 09/13/22
Failure is something that we often try to avoid. We are taught from a young age that it's not okay to make mistakes, and that we should always do our best in order to be successful. But what if failure was actually the key to success? What if we stopped being afraid of failure, and started embracing it as part of the process? You are about to hear one of the most fascinating stories that seems to be absent from a lot of the history books. And once you hear of this iconic person and his...
Published 09/06/22
Imagine if we had a switch that could instantly ease our nerves. We could flip it whenever we felt anxious or stressed, and breathe a sigh of relief as calmness washed over us. Of course, such a thing is only a fantasy. But that doesn't mean we can't find ways to calm ourselves in the moment. Sometimes, all it takes is a deep breath. Listen in as we learn you have everything you need with you RIGHT NOW to calm the mind and aid in easing your anxiety.
Published 08/06/22
In order to get the most out of anything, you must first bring an understanding of what it is you want from it. And that means even with this podcast and its 73 episodes. Without this fundamental understanding, you'll only ever be skimming the surface of possibilities. And let's be honest, we're tired of skimming. We want rich, deep, authentic.....life. We want to live and feel as if we're living fully. So, before we dive in further I have to ask...how come you're listening? And if you...
Published 05/31/22
Aw, nostalgia. Traversing merrily down memory lane is such a delight, until it isn't. Sure it's fun to see old pictures of what you wore 30 years ago is now making a come back but the short "just a glance" can quickly turn to a "how great things used to be." But today, I ask a most poignant question "was it?" Was it really all that great? Was it everything that right now isn't? I challenge you do listen to my thoughts on yesteryear. You may be surprised on the take I have. Listen in as we...
Published 05/24/22
This episode takes inspiration from the touchingly beautiful book, "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse", by Charlie Mackesy. While it's somewhat directed as a children's book, I'm often asking myself "is it REALLY for children or for adults?", as the life lessons are simple yet wonderfully profound. Listen in as we learn the importance of kindness, love, friendship and even cake. You'll be surprised what we find on this journey with a most unique group of friends.
Published 05/17/22
How often have you ever thought "I'm probably the only one that thinks, acts, lives this way." As much as I want to talk about it with someone, anyone, I should just keep it to myself, smile, nod my head and wait to breakdown behind closed doors. It feels like we're carrying a heavy burden, but we don't want to tell anyone about it. We’re afraid that if we speak up, people will think we’re ‘not of sound mind’. So we keep quiet and carry on as best as we can. But the truth is, this shame is...
Published 05/10/22
This is the first episode in a month-long series on mental health awareness. In May, which is mental health awareness month, we are talking about self harm and suicide. This episode has a tip on how to get through moments when all you can think about is leaving. There is something better than just finding an exit. I will show you how to find peace in the chaos and stay for the big show; ie life. Listen as we learn how to take things one moment at a time.
Published 05/03/22
You know those times when you're worrying about something and then it turns out not to be a big deal after all? It's almost like the universe is trying to tell you something. Well, believe it or not, those moments can actually be blessings in disguise. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that it might be for the best. Thought it may not feel like it in the moment, looking back in hindsight it may have been the catalyst to where you are today.
Published 04/26/22
Some nights you just lay there asking yourself "did I do the right thing today? Did I turn right when perhaps I should have turned left? The mind spinning the spiral of questions of should haves. But today, I'm going to share with you something that has guided from day one and will do so for the rest of life; your gut. That intuition, that inner voice giving you the road map one step at a time. Sometimes we doubt the turns and that's okay. Detours eventually get us where we need to be; when...
Published 04/19/22
Wuv, Twue, Wuv. No, today’s episode isn’t about one of the greatest films ever made (The Princess Bride) but something I’m certain we’ve all experienced at least once in our life. Unrequited love. That ‘I like them but they haven’t even noticed I’m in the same room’ kinda thing. Chasing or loving someone that doesn’t share the same warm & fuzzies is hard. Brutally hard, emotionally. And while we’ve all been there before, it still feels like ‘you’re the only one’. 

Today, we talk about...
Published 04/12/22
in 1932, theologian Reinhold Niebuhr inked one of the most recognizable aspirations of serenity ever written. So much so, it became ingrained in many 12 step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. What do these 27 words have to offer in helping us find our calm? Listen in as you may find yourself saying it when you need it most.
Published 04/05/22