The Firefly Within: Healing Childhood Wounds
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Have you ever felt like a part of you is stuck in the past, holding onto old wounds and patterns? In this episode, we'll explore the transformative power of inner child healing. Join me as I share personal stories and practical tools for reconnecting with your younger self, honoring your past hurts, and reclaiming the joy and wholeness that can be truly your's. Together, we'll discover how tending to your inner child can help you release old baggage, heal deep-seated wounds, and shine your unique light in the world. Get ready to embrace your inner firefly and rediscover the radiant, resilient spirit that's been within you all along as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1. In this episode, I also share how upgrading your sleep environment can support your inner child healing journey. Discover Miracle Made's temperature-regulating, silver-infused sheets that keep you comfortable all night long. Plus, enjoy over 40% off and get 3 free towels with promo code CALM at
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