Iris was ice fishing on Payette Lake in McCall Idaho when suddenly, with an impact she could feel through her feet, something struck the ice beneath her...
Published 09/28/22
Molly, an adventurous dog visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida with her owner, finds herself in tall thick grass, thicker reeds, mud, and deep water. A perfect trap for the Skunk Ape.
Published 09/21/22
Published 09/21/22
A small town football star in the Arkansas hills finds himself running from more than his opponent this Friday night.
Published 09/14/22
Across Fairfield County, Connecticut, whispers grow that back in the trees and forests, along lonely country lanes, live the “Melon Heads” — dangerous creatures known to lure and attack wayward outsiders.
Published 09/07/22
Getting a room at camp with a single bunkbed all to yourself sounds great... until you begin to suspect that you’re not actually alone... and that someone— or something— is up in the top bunk…
Published 08/10/22
You’ve seen it before: a shadowy figure in the corner of your room at Camp Whileaway. You want to run, scream, cry out for help... but you know you won’t be able to. That’s one of the powers of the Shadowman.
Published 08/03/22
You're walking in the rain down a lonely old railway line in Tennessee when you see a light in the signal cabin up ahead. Usually a light in the darkness is a sign of safety, help and rescue but that may not be the case this time.
Published 07/27/22
Your dim lantern casts a thousand shadows down here in the low, soggy hold of the sail-training ship Amphion. But there is only one moving shadow that interests you. You're convinced it's a stowaway because, what else could it be?
Published 07/20/22
You're supposed to be alone on the dark waters of Spirit Lake. But across the way you see the glow of a fire and hear strange sounds. Who or what could it be?
Published 07/13/22
On your first solo flight, a mile above the earth, you discover a silver glint way off in the sky. What could it be? As it draws closer, you realize it's something you don't want to encounter, but now you have no choice.
Published 07/06/22
There's a cave that's off limits for campers. It's a hazard — place where people easily get lost. At least that's what the counselors tell them.
Published 06/29/22
What started out as a prank on one of their fellow campers turns into something much more sinister.
Published 06/22/22
The newest season of Camp Monsters is right around the corner and this year, we're doing something special — two back to back seasons with stories from summer camp and a fall season with the legendary creatures you've come to know and love. We'll see you around the campfire...
Published 05/26/22
Fire has always been a danger in certain parts of southern California. And in Ojai, fire isn't the only thing you need to be concerned about.
Published 10/28/21
There have been sightings of a wolf in Chicago. And something about that doesn't seem quite right... So what could the giant beast roaming the streets be?
Published 10/21/21
This bonus episode is celebrating the new REI Co-op store in Sunnyvale. A store with a very haunted reputation.
Published 10/18/21
On Highway 87 in Montana there's a lot of road, sky and not much else. Unless you saw that someone (or something) walking along the side of the road…
Published 10/14/21
In this episode, we're going to travel back in time. Into the middle of a black night in 1875. Aboard a sailing ship called the Olympus where you'll meet a creature who is determined to make this night your last.
Published 10/07/21
The old abandoned mill has stories attached to it — stories of a creature without a name. Something the mill workers used to call Him or It or The Mill Thing. Whatever its name, it's the reason this place is left alone.
Published 09/30/21
There are plenty of interesting stories about the Denver airport — from mysterious arsenals to underground tunnels, there's something eerie about the place. Something a bit haunting.
Published 09/23/21
There's nothing scary about your own reflection, right? Perhaps if you take a trip to Portland's Laurelhurst Park and look in Firwood Lake you would be a bit more wary of what's staring back at you.
Published 09/16/21
There's a legend of something haunting the town of Truro, Massachusetts. Rumors of an unmarked grave and a warlock who unleashed something... evil.
Published 09/09/21
In the last episode of our Sasquatch series you'll learn whether or not our narrator followed Roger into the darkness or made his way back to the streets of San Francisco. If you haven't listened to part one, two and three, turn back and listen to those episodes first for the entire Sasquatch story.
Published 08/19/21
In the third episode of our Sasquatch series you'll find out if the narrator followed Roger into the night. If you haven't listened to part one and two, turn back! Start at the beginning and follow along to see what happens next.
Published 07/15/21