Jonnit and his father rush to the chicken coops to see what the source of the sound might have been and in the process, he shows off some of his powers. Gable tries to wrangle Travis who is so caught up with his luminous power that he struggles to stay on task. Orimar shares a cup of tea with Dantonia who seems to know him somewhat well.
Published 08/03/22
Orimar tries to diffuse tension with Douglas and Hip when someone arrives to either fix things or make them worse. Jonnit reels from the gravity of sacrificing his memories as gable tires to counsel him. Travis arrives ready to take part in a plan that it feels like he only half understands.
Published 07/27/22
Published 07/27/22
Happy reunions are interrupted when Jonnit discovers that there is someone extremely important who has been missing from his life. Douglas reveals why he has been so unwelcoming towards Captain Orimar. Travis begins his quest to transform into a giant turkey and goes shopping for the ingredients to make a cup of hart root tea, he gets some unexpected advice from well-meaning locals.
Published 07/20/22
Orimar and Douglas clash a little for reasons unknown to the crew. Travis makes friends with a local. Douglas gives jonnit a gift that he already owns. Jonnit tries to show off all of his amazing accomplishments and struggles to garner the reactions he envisioned.
Published 07/13/22
Jonnit tries to smooth things over with Denny Derf as Travis makes an absolute nightmare of himself. The crew prepares to meet Jonnit's father Douglas "The Stone" Kessler when they meet an unexpected person from Jonnit's past. Jonnit has no idea what kind of welcome he is about to receive.
Published 07/06/22
Someone from Jonnit's past arrives to pick him up and take him home while a calamitous racket unfolds within the ship. Travis races to exit The Uhuru before growing to a form too large to comfortably fit through the doors. The others try to mitigate the chaos in order to keep up appearances and support Jonnit.
Published 06/29/22
The Uhuru lands in Akaron! Gable manages the crew, Orimar manages his hatchling griffin, Jonnit tries to manage his feelings and appearance to return home, and Travis... performs a dangerous magical experiment that is sure to cause a huge problem for everyone. Welcome to the new arc!
Published 06/22/22
James continues to reflect on the Deuxmignon arc!
Published 06/15/22
James reflects on the most recent arc! Comparing his vision and goals to how it all worked out in execution. There were some unique production challenges and choices that made it change significantly along the way. There were also plans that turned out significantly better than anyone could have imagined!
Published 06/10/22
Jonnit awakens to find a gift from Teacher Wei and a message from the rest of the Uhuru crew inviting him to join them in one of the famed Deauxmignon bathhouses for relaxation and boatmilk. The crew takes some time to relax and reflect after a tense arrival full of danger and adventure.
Published 06/01/22
The time for confrontation has come. Manifestations of evil begin their assault on both parties, and they must each summon powers beyond themselves if they hope to make it out alive.
Published 05/25/22
At The River, plans are made and paths are set. Travis enacts his trade with Raoul while The Rusalka makes an offer to Gable, before Orimar presents The Rusalka with a deal of his own. Jonnit and Wei continue their dream walk, witnessing the betrayal that set Wei on their current path. All the while, evil encroaches.
Published 05/18/22
Travis, armed with the information of the true version of his story, must repay The Rusalka and free Raoul. To do this, he must craft a ritual and call upon his power as The Changeling. Meanwhile, Jonnit relives the moment he received the angel feather from Hip, when he touched it and first became a seer. Tragically his sacrifice in Burza Nyth means that he cannot see or remember the man who meant so much to him.
Published 05/11/22
The Rusalka tells Travis and the others The Changling's Tale and the way his story has been broken. Travis is left with the unsettling weight of what his mother stole from him and the question of what to do about it. Teacher Wei shows Jonnit the memory of the night in Janchi that led them to seek training in poetry from the liquid swords and to the event that would grant them the gift of a blind seer's eye.
Published 05/04/22
Jonnit shows Teacher Wei his life in Akaron around the time his mother disappeared and the way his father handled the loss and a struggling farm. Travis, Gable, and Orimar encounter The Rusalka who offers them useful information in exchange for varying favors. They must decide if it is wise to take bargains from the luminary of temptation.
Published 04/27/22
Travis catches up with his old friend who some might say he shares far too much in common with. Orimar tries to be patient through this reunion knowing that the cutting stone is at their backs. Gable arrives to confront Rusalka and discovers many familiar faces that they were not expecting to see.
Published 04/20/22
Nodoze finally manages to say to Gable the things he has been allowing to sit silently for so very long. Gable revisits a pivotal memory that explains why they did the most significant thing they can't remember. Then Gable presses on to investigate the trap that has claimed so many victims. Jonnit and Teacher Wei look back at one of Wei's memories, one that explains the passion that lead them to the Liquid Swords.
Published 04/13/22
Jonnit faces one of the most traumatic moments of his life, the first time he took a life. Teacher Wei takes a hard look at what violence has come to mean to this child, to judge both if he is worthy to receive the gifts of the temple and if he is strong enough to claim them. Meanwhile, Travis and Orimar continue their stakeout for the changing Travis has been compelled to kill. A poorly timed visit makes stealth difficult.
Published 04/06/22
Gable, Wendell, and Nodoze try to investigate the cavern around Le Plume Creux for any information that might help them claim the treasure. Wendell discusses his uneasiness around strange and powerful magics then stresses over what his life might be like after marrying his second spouse. Gable repeatedly faces the memories they recovered from the feather they touched at the start of the arc.
Published 03/30/22
Travis and Orimar are still hunting Travis' changeling friend. To pass the time, they decide to make a wager with very high stakes and undertones that will frankly drive shippers absolutely wild. Gable, Nodoze, and Wendell finally reach the small cavern that is home to Le Plume Creux. Wendel is enthusiastic to try and recover it, the others are skeptical.
Published 03/23/22
Jonnit revisits a painful memory as a part of his trial. Through his journey, he has become powerful but he has also changed in other ways and that can be difficult to accept. After the midroll: Before the stars fell, in a village that would one day become Lastaloom a young woman dreamed of one-day finding love. She was not prepared for the full gaze of The Union.
Published 03/16/22
Travis and Orimar take a ride on a boiler boat (a term that only exists in the summary for this episode) while heading to confront Travis' old friend. They run into a pair of hunters who warn them of the Chasseur Saum√Ętre- a beast that stalks the mangrineel groves. Jonnit enters Teacher Wei's pocket space, jonnit learns more about how he will be tested.
Published 03/09/22
Gable, Wendell, and Nodoze arrive at the entrance to the cave rumored to contain a path to the mysterious and dangerous Plume Creux. They learn that the price to even begin this adventure is blood. They also learn some distressing things about the Deauxmignon economy. Before they descend, Gable is struck by another fragment of memory from the feather they absorbed. Even a powerful and destructive force like Gable needs to learn somewhere.
Published 02/23/22
Gable thinks back to their first day on the job and what it was like to meet an important co-worker. Also, we learn their for real actual name. All of the names they have held up to this point were fake-outs and we totally got you. Secretnames all the way down. Jonnit prepares to face Wei's examination and trials as he fails to explain a strong motivation for learning from The Liquid Swords.
Published 02/16/22