Trudeau’s testimony on foreign interference
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At Issue this week: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the foreign interference inquiry that he didn’t see all the available intelligence briefings — should Canadians be concerned? Will the government’s budget announcements be enough to sway young voters. Plus, Alberta moves to block municipalities from making deals with Ottawa. Rosemary Barton hosts Chantal Hébert, Althia Raj and Kelly Cryderman
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At Issue this week | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pitches his capital gains tax changes directly to Canadians in an explainer-style YouTube video. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre suggests a summer vacation from gas taxes. Plus, is Mark Carney the Liberal leader-in-waiting? Rosemary Barton...
Published 05/17/24
At Issue this week | The Liberals introduce new legislation to address foreign meddling, but it may not be ready for the next election. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s two-sided relationship with lobbyists. Plus, federal public sector workers push back on having more time in the...
Published 05/10/24
Published 05/10/24