Leif Thulin and James Barlowe analyze where Terrence Shannon Jr. will get drafted after being ruled NOT guilty. Leif and James then examine the draft stocks of college basketball's biggest stars in Zach Edey, Devin Carter, Dalton Knecht, Baylor Scheiermann and Tyler Kolek.
Published 06/15/24
Rich (MavsDraft) and Leif discuss Ron Holland's sliding draft stock, and how he compares to his teammate Matas Buzelis. Also discussed is Baylor Scheierman and why he and Jaylon Tyson's stock are rising + why they are first round locks.
Published 06/14/24
In this episode, James and Leif discuss the players invited to the Green Room for the 2024 NBA Draft.
Published 06/12/24
Who are some of the underrated second round wing sleepers? Find out why Rich (MavsDraft) has Jalen Bridges, Kevin McCullar, Malevy Leons, Jaylen Wells, and David Jones ranked higher than their draft range.
Published 06/11/24
Introducing Dan Hurley rejected the Los Angeles Lakers... now what? from Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories. Follow the show: Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories Two of the biggest brand name teams in basketball couldn’t pry Dan Hurley away from his chance at history with UCONN. Speaking of the Lakers … like, what now? And the Steelers made a move that should surprise exactly no one. Support Us By Supporting Our...
Published 06/11/24
James Barlowe finishes up his mock draft, going through picks 15-30. Check out last week's episodes for Parts 1 and 2 containing the lottery picks
Published 06/11/24
In this episode, James Barlowe continues where he left off last from his latest Mock Draft 2.0 with analysis of picks 15 through 30.
Published 06/10/24
James and Rich go over James' mock draft for picks 8-14 and have a good debate about Kel'el Ware. See part 1 on Thursday's show
Published 06/07/24
Rich and James break down the first half of the lottery mock draft that James recently dropped, with some surprising picks in the top 7, including Stephon Castle second overall.
Published 06/06/24
Rich (@MavsDraft) goes over the impact of Nikola Topic's partially torn ACL, and how that affects his draft stock. Also, who are some international players that could rise from the International Draft Combine going on in Italy, such as Pacome Dadiet?
Published 06/05/24
Rich (@MavsDraft) discusses 5 upside play guards among freshman, and where their draft stock current is at. This includes: Jared McCain, Carlton Carrington, Cam Christie, Isaiah Collier, and Ja'Kobe Walter
Published 06/05/24
Rich (MavsDraft) dives deep into second round prospects that could make a team better on day one. This includes Cam Spencer, Dillon Jones, Jonathan Mogbo, and more.
Published 06/03/24
In this episode host James Barlowe talks about playmakers projected to go outside of the lottery or potentially in the second round of the 2024 NBA Draft.
Published 05/31/24
In this episode, James Barlowe and Richard Stayman discuss the decisions to return to school by Jamir Watkins, Tyon Grant-Foster, Jaxon Robinson, Nique Clifford, Trevon Brazile and Alex Karaban plus also those who will benefit from the aforementioned returning to school.
Published 05/30/24
In this episode James and Leif give their thoughts on players who decided to either keep their name in the 2024 NBA Draft or decided to stay in school.
Published 05/29/24
NBA Draft Analyst and college basketball guru, Leif Thulin, analyzes why 3 and D's are a dying breed in today's NBA. Leif exposes how 3 and D players were popularized and then coveted but hardly exist and instead pitches why role versatility is more important than specialization.
Published 05/29/24
NBA Draft Analysts, Leif Thulin and James Barlowe go back and forth discussing different Draft philosophies employed to create Leif's top 10. Leif defends his rankings as James brings up reasons he likes some placements of players and dislikes others.
Published 05/28/24
NBA Draft Analyst James Barlowe previews six potential second round picks to keep an eye out for.
Published 05/25/24
Leif Thulin breaks down each player comprising his top 10 of his newest Big Board made after the 2024 NBA Draft Combine. Leif makes the case for Rob Dillingham at 1 along with explaining why he ranks each player where he does. He explains the rationale of the players who he has moved from Big Board 1.0 to 2.0. Leif's newest Big Board: https://fanspo.com/nba/draft-big-boards/8-kBetp30-lt0g
Published 05/24/24
Rich and James discuss the best fits for the following prospects: Donovan Clingan, Reed Sheppard, Zaccharie Risacher, Matas Buzelis, and Rob Dillingham
Published 05/23/24
Leif Thulin and James Barlowe debate whether old prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft will have success. Will history repeat itself as there is a mixed bag of when older players get selected highly on how they perform. Leif and James discuss the games of Dalton Knecht, Devin Carter, Tristan Da Silva, Baylor Scheiermann, Tyler Kolek and Kevin McCullar.
Published 05/22/24
James Barlowe and Leif Thulin dissect James Barlowe's Mock Draft. The duo analyze the landing spots for popular prospects and debate James' non main-stream picks. How high does James have Dilllingham? Does Clingan fall and what do you think of his picks?
Published 05/21/24
Rich (@Mavsdraft) walks you through what happens after the Combine, and answers some of your questions as part of a Q&A around team needs and players
Published 05/17/24
Leif and Rich recap and break down players from Day 3 of the NBA Draft Combine, including Bronny James, Coleman Hawkins, and others
Published 05/16/24