The Late Summer Run begins. 
Published 08/12/20
Mike and Eli make 5 announcements, catch up on the past month's events, and set up the rest of the season. 
Published 07/31/20
The events of June. 
Published 07/27/20
Mike and Eli talk to Mike Napoleon, co-founder and president of SuperSpeed Golf. 
Published 07/19/20
Mike and Eli get back to the real world after their trip out West. 
Published 07/13/20
Mike and Eli visit the Titleist Performance Institute in California. 
Published 06/25/20
Mike and Eli meet Irish Mike and continue their golf trip in California. 
Published 06/09/20
The Pilgrimage begins. 
Published 05/26/20
Our full conversation with Dr. Jason goes into more mental techniques and strategies to help with our games.  We talk identity statements, performance statements, visualization, practicing under pressure, and why we may want to consider becoming split personalities in order to achieve our goals.   Find out more about Dr. Jason and his group at: https://www.champmindset.com/
Published 05/15/20
Mike and Eli prepare for their pilgrimage out West. 
Published 05/08/20
Mike and Eli ponder how to respond to Titleist. 
Published 04/29/20
Published 04/29/20
Season 3 picks up where we left off last November ... and then something unexpected happens.
Published 04/22/20
Mike and Eli have a classy, intelligent, sophisticated discussion about Season 3, which debuts 4/22. 
Published 04/08/20
We're back for an epilogue to Season 2, and to explain to Eli what the word epilogue means. 
Published 12/24/19
The story of the 2nd final major and its repercussions.
Published 11/05/19
The race for the year's low handicap comes down to Mike's final 9 holes. 
Published 10/21/19
Eli looks to close a historic round; Mike tries new ways to lower his handicap.
Published 10/11/19
The full story on how Eli met Rick and Rob.
Published 10/02/19
Mike and Eli voyage on a symbiotic golf trip to lower their handicaps. 
Published 09/10/19
In a continuation from last episode, Mike and Eli come up with a new idea for an upcoming golf trip. What could possibly go wrong.  
Published 08/23/19
In the first of 2 episodes this week, Mike and Eli hit the headlines of the last 2 weeks and detail a new mental experiment. 
Published 08/20/19
Published 08/06/19
Mike and Eli reveal their plans for the remainder of the year.  Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/chasingscratch0
Published 07/17/19
The Listener Par 3, Eli's first trip to River Ridge, and the Data Science team are discussed in what could be the most random episode we've ever released. 
Published 07/04/19