Have you ever wondered why so many people have such a deep love of chocolate? What is it about this product that makes so many of us powerless to resist? As it turns out, chocolate is one of the most complex chemical mixtures in existence, with more than 1,000 different flavour components. In this episode of the RACI’S Chemically Speaking we chat with supramolecular chemist Dr Nathan Kilah and sensory scientist Gabrielle Kavaliauskaite to unlock the chemistry involved in making this delicious...
Published 06/10/22
Published 06/10/22
The work of scientists has revolutionised modern life. But despite their unique skillsets and passion for their work, we often lose our younger researchers from the field before they can establish stable careers. As we kick of our 2022 season of episodes, the RACI’s Chemically Speaking will speak about navigating the transition from early to mid-career research with three of our most recent Rennie Memorial Medal winners – awarded for outstanding achievements in chemists with less than 8 years...
Published 04/27/22
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. In this episode of Chemically Speaking, we take an abbreviated journey from a high school classroom, through a University degree and out into industry, exploring the different phases of chemistry education and the emerging trends in the way this education is delivered. We’ll discuss what students should know, how they are currently learning to use their understanding of chemistry, and what they should be able to do...
Published 09/01/21
There's no doubt that Australia's future energy generation is going to rely more on renewable resources like wind, solar, and hydro. In this episode, Dr Matt Griffith asks his guests, Senior Lecturer at UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Dr Patrick Burr, Battery of the Nation Project Director, Christopher Gwynne, and Lead Battery Scientist at Gelion Technologies, Dr Thomas Ellis, interesting questions about renewable energy resources including its suitability in...
Published 07/06/21
In this episode, we explore which energy generation technologies suit Australia the best. Catch Dr Matt Griffith and our guests Professor Anita Ho-Baillie, Professor Bernadette Mccabe, and Dr Terry Humphries, as they discuss these technologies and our nation’s chemists’ role in Australia’s transition to renewable and sustainable energy.
Published 05/26/21
Explore the topic of wastewater treatment in Australia with host Dr Matt Griffith, TasWater’s Fran Smith, and Opal Group’s David Vercoe and find out if it’s possible to convert wastewater into drinking water.
Published 04/28/21
Join Dr Matt Griffith and his guests polymer chemist Yvonne Mah, industrial catalysis and sustainability pioneer Thomas Maschmeyer, and environmental scientist Christie O'Neill as they discuss how Australia's chemists are solving the problem of plastic waste. 
Published 03/30/21
Dr Matthew Griffith chats with Victoria’s first female professor Distinguished Professor Emeritus Frances Separovic, drug discovery expert Assistant Professor Danielle Skropeta and Envirolab’s founding & managing director Tania Notaras about the key moments in their journeys to overcome diversity challenges and create a new style of leadership.
Published 02/23/21
For over 100 years, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) has been the voice of chemistry in Australia. In 2021, we're taking that voice online. Join Dr Matt Griffith every month as he chats with 3 guests blazing exciting, new trails in our labs and industries. If you want to understand how chemistry is solving the biggest problems facing humanity, then this is the podcast for you. 
Published 02/03/21