interesting and compelling
this podcast is great. i am not one inclined to believe in the more fantastical possibilities, but i like hearing interesting and/or creepy things. i don't know much about mathas, but i'm loving the energy and commitment he's bringing to this. he's putting in the time and research. if you're going to do a podcast on this subject, go big or go home, right? anyway, i like that he's open to possibilities and thoughtful, but not so foolish to just buy everything he hears and be taken in. thanks mathas! i also am loving alex (but i'm just a big fan of his really) and that he gets to tap into this side is really cool because he obvs is into this stuff. like mathas, he wants to believe but is no fool. i like that he too gives proper thought and time to the subject of the day, even if it's a cheap hoax or something he's not a scholar in. he's also just a cool, out there dude, but i digress. which brings me to jesse. oh, jesse. all joking aside, he is also someone i'm a fan of. he is his usual jesse self, which brings good balance and keeps things from getting too lost in a rabbit hole. however, my one complaint is that sometimes his "counterpoints" sound like things he pulls out of his keister to be the "skeptic". i get that this is only the second ep and he's no academic in the field of cryptozoology or the supernatural (if there can even be such a person) but when he can't follow through on his points because he literally has no information or prior knowledge, it kind of messes with the synergy that's here. for example, with skinwalkers, that legend and history comes from a group he (i'm assuming here) has no significant background with. they wouldn't have a boat ton of written word "evidence" being that the passing on of native culture and folklore is done orally and written tradition doesn't have the same lengthy use. things and ways of thinking that are common now are not the same of another time. who is to say what did or didn't happen or what people could have done or believed. of course, over time, paranormal and supernatural stuff gets twisted and mixed with lies and pop culture, and of course, he's not gonna know everything about everything, but i think sometimes his points could be better. when jesse splutters for reasons stuff can't possibly be real, it ends up being "well, it just can't because reality!" which i think is a weak stance considering there's so much to consider and question. it's hardly jesse's fault, but because this is the position he supposedly occupies here and because of time constraints, the "skeptic" pov isn't really fully realized here. and to say "who know what could have happened or is possible" is kind of a cop out because that doesn't really answer anything, does it? that kind of negates the whole skeptic thing, doesn't it? all that aside, i really like jesse, here and otherwise (otherwise i wouldn't have followed him so long) and he def brings a needed presence to this. btw, those skinwalker stories were freaky!! this a great and interesting podcast and i am really enjoying it. thank you very much for creating it!!Read full review »
MayMerk via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/27/18
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Don't sleep on this one. Literally anybody would enjoy this and enjoy it a lot. Can't recommend this podcast enough!Read full review »
Charizard_Allday via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 08/15/18
This podcast is one of the best things I've ever heard. Thanks guys, and keep being crazy and ridiculous and AWESOME!!!Read full review »
Hratnay1 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/11/18
I love these guys! They do their research and have great chemistry!
MiyukiDawn via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/15/18
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