The CoinTalk book club returns for a discussion of Eric Posner and E. Glen Weyl's "Radical Markets" featuring David Z. Morris from BreakerMag who attended the Detroit conference organized around the book's ideas.
Published 04/24/19
Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre's BSV trolling gets them delisted from Binance and others. PewDiePie leaves Youtube for DLive (maybe?) Is all this increased BTC confidence a trap?
Published 04/17/19
Marty Bent from Tales from the Crypt comes on to talk about price signals, the amorality of Bitcoin, self-driving cars that use electricity as their currency, Jack Dorsey's bullishness and the future of the Cash app....
Published 04/12/19
Is it alt season? Its BTC ideological? RIP Bitcoin enthusiast Nipsey Hussle. Mailbag.
Published 04/03/19
The exchange business sucks during the winter and volume is hilariously low.
Published 03/27/19
Lightning tipping, Tether changes its TOS to include that it doesn't actually have the money, the bull case for Facebucks, Bitconnect and the Christchurch shooting.
Published 03/20/19
College admissions, bribery, Chaebols, and how to disappear completely.
Published 03/13/19
Coinbase hires literal villains to run their shitcoin spy-ops, we read Brian Armstrong's Medium posts, discuss whether you can get a button with BTC in Vegas, and Cryptopia returns.
Published 03/06/19
Coinbase adds XRP, self-snitchin' ICOs, Elon Musk loves Bitcoin, JPM, and Venezuela.
Published 02/27/19
Our old friend Ledger Status returns to tell us about the crypto trading game Hxro he has been obsessively playing in beta. He has amassed a (theoretical) mini-fortune (not) gambling on 5 minute Bitcoin candles.
Published 02/20/19
LItecoin goes MIMBLEWIMBLE, Riccardo 'Fluffypony' Spagni's new project Tari lets you store unique items on a blockchain that is mined alongside Monero, and we interview Mark Yarm from Breaker Mag about his new feature on the #freeross movement.
Published 02/13/19
GRIN utterly fails to fundraise a single developers salary, Quadriga's CEO disappeared with $190 million worth of private keys (OR DID HE?!?!?), and we try to figure out how a single currency could be used across games.
Published 02/06/19
The death of the CBOE Bitcoin ETF, cypherpunk-ska-pop, changing the system from the outside vs. the inside, de-platforming and crypto.
Published 01/28/19
Aaron narrates the entire Fyre Fest documentary to Jay, then they discuss whether GRIN is an industry plant. Finally, they consider what it would take to drive an altcoin to zero when even common baseball cards are worth a few cents.
Published 01/23/19
Jay & Aaron return to talk about Grin, a project launching this week that actually looks pretty cool. Plus: Monero + Fortnite + Norwegian Kidnappers and some Satoshi thoughts. Thanks to SeedCX for sponsoring this week's show.
Published 01/16/19
CoinTalk returns in 2019 with our first ever live show, in which we consider Satoshi as a literary figure. Thanks to Iterative Capital for having us! Tales From the Crypt also did a live taping after ours and we highly recommend a listen.
Published 01/08/19
With a year wasted on Bitcoin podcasting under our belts, we revisit topics from past episodes and remember where the price was when we talked about them. Plus: how to disappear completely and then reappear as an ICO fraudster with a new beard.
Published 12/19/18
The Kang Line is crossed! Below 3300 we go. Did doorbuster giveaways on the Korean exchange Bithumb bring volume that artificially held the price of BTC at $6,000? Plus, our new game show "Would You Trade Your Car For 1 BTC?"
Published 12/11/18
Steemit layoffs and how crypto projects are weathering winter. CVL stiffed its employees with inflated token promises. Erik Townsend from Macro Voices comes on to talk about govenment issued crypto
Published 12/05/18
Aaron & Jay accidentally crash Bitcoin by talking about how stable it is, then discuss the BCH fissure and the return of Roger Ver and Craig Wright. the Expendables of the crypto.
Published 11/27/18
"Don't Vote" and the crypto movement against democracy plus a much requested "shallow dive" into the centralized Initiative Q pyramid.
Published 11/21/18
Aaron & Jay download the Brave browser and attempt to use the 25 BAT that come with it.
Published 11/14/18
Aaron & Jay discuss old tweets, altcoin hypocrisy, and what standards we should hold our crypto influencers to. Plus: some hot TI-82 takes.
Published 11/07/18
Actor / poker degen Doug Kim returns from North of the Wall to talk about the long winter, alt-hopium, and whether anyone actually knows anything about crypto.
Published 10/31/18
Aaron & Jay finally get around to talking about the failed Civil (CVL) token sale. Plus, Tether unstabilizes.
Published 10/25/18