We're taking a hiatus from new weekly episodes of CoinTalk. Thanks to all the listeners, Medium and all the sponsors, thanks to the maximalists and the HODLers and the skeptics, and of course all the con men who have made this a wild ride. We've loved getting to hang out with you every week.
Published 08/07/19
We finally get around to discussing the Trump tweets on Bitcoin and Libra.
Published 07/24/19
The sound quality of this one kinda sucks because Aaron is on vacation, but we thought we'd sneak in a quick bonus episode on this weeks Libra hearings.
Published 07/18/19
Evan Ratliff's new article for Wired probes whether programmer turned real life supervillain Paul Le Roux might actually be Satoshi Nakamoto.
Published 07/17/19
Audius is building a decentralized platform for music inspired both by Soundcloud and private torrent trackers.
Published 07/11/19
Is Libra a 'false flag' operation? Will it ever actually launch? Novogratz sold. Buying the top... again. Craig Wright's tears.
Published 07/03/19
Did Libra pump Bitcoin? We go inside the bull run to nearly $14,000 and the subsequent 20% freefall.
Published 06/28/19
Libra is launching with 27 node partners–most of them are big companies like Uber and Mastercard–but one of them is a small Brooklyn-based blockchain company called Bison Trails.
Published 06/21/19
Aaron and Jay go deep on Libra.
Published 06/19/19
Coinbase's Brian Armstrong writes an open letter to a friend who asked to borrow money, Facebook prepares to drop the GLOBALCOIN whitepaper.
Published 06/12/19
Jay goes Ripple, TRON guy Justin Sun wins a lunch with Buffett at auction, no more nocoiner hubris.
Published 06/05/19
Over the last two weeks Bitcoin has flash crashed, flash rallied, then rallied again. We revisit our "reasons why" from two weeks ago and discuss the bounce from the Kang Line to nearly 2.5x. Also, Jay bought Ripple for some reason.
Published 05/29/19
How a giant sell order on Bitstamp brought down the Bitcoin market.
Published 05/21/19
We rank 5 theories about why Bitcoin is rallying, then talk about the Binance Hack and CZ's "suggestion" to roll back the ledger and get his money back.
Published 05/15/19
BTC rebounds to nearly 2x the Kang Line, FacebookCoin is the ultimate fiat on-ramp, Bitfinextetherpalooza, Crypto Capital's Reginald Fowler is the biggest crypto scammer of them all and got caught with counterfeit $100s to boot.
Published 05/08/19
The CoinTalk book club returns for a discussion of Eric Posner and E. Glen Weyl's "Radical Markets" featuring David Z. Morris from BreakerMag who attended the Detroit conference organized around the book's ideas.
Published 04/24/19
Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre's BSV trolling gets them delisted from Binance and others. PewDiePie leaves Youtube for DLive (maybe?) Is all this increased BTC confidence a trap?
Published 04/17/19
Marty Bent from Tales from the Crypt comes on to talk about price signals, the amorality of Bitcoin, self-driving cars that use electricity as their currency, Jack Dorsey's bullishness and the future of the Cash app....
Published 04/12/19
Is it alt season? Its BTC ideological? RIP Bitcoin enthusiast Nipsey Hussle. Mailbag.
Published 04/03/19
The exchange business sucks during the winter and volume is hilariously low.
Published 03/27/19
Lightning tipping, Tether changes its TOS to include that it doesn't actually have the money, the bull case for Facebucks, Bitconnect and the Christchurch shooting.
Published 03/20/19
College admissions, bribery, Chaebols, and how to disappear completely.
Published 03/13/19
Coinbase hires literal villains to run their shitcoin spy-ops, we read Brian Armstrong's Medium posts, discuss whether you can get a button with BTC in Vegas, and Cryptopia returns.
Published 03/06/19
Coinbase adds XRP, self-snitchin' ICOs, Elon Musk loves Bitcoin, JPM, and Venezuela.
Published 02/27/19
Our old friend Ledger Status returns to tell us about the crypto trading game Hxro he has been obsessively playing in beta. He has amassed a (theoretical) mini-fortune (not) gambling on 5 minute Bitcoin candles.
Published 02/20/19