Published 11/14/22
Why Take, or Not Take, a Gap Year
Published 01/26/22
How College Admissions Are Different for Student Athletes
Published 01/12/22
How to Make the Most of College Visits
Published 12/29/21
What Non-academic Factors Actually Influence College Admissions
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The Keys to Building a Good College List
Published 12/01/21
Though many of us find a linear path from high school to college, that is not the case for a set of students whose life circumstance, economic realities, and ambitions lead them on slightly different paths to higher education. This episode is all about the late bloomers among us who come at college from a wide range of experiences and with their own unique advantages.
Published 05/14/20
Various magazines, websites, and listicles publish their college rankings every year, generating a lot of anxiety from college-bound students and their families. But what are they really telling you? Should these rankings have any influence on what college you choose? And, why do they generate such anxiety? 
Our panel of experts from the National Association for College Admission Counseling will take a closer look: Earl Macam, college counselor at Mary Institute/St. Louis Country Day School...
Published 04/16/20
So you—or your child—got accepted to college. Congratulations! But now the financial aid award letter arrives. What does it mean? How much aid are you really receiving? What if it’s not enough? Will you have to pay it all back? This discussion aims to clear up some of the many mysteries about financial aid letters. In this episode NACAC’s Mary Stegmeir welcomes three experienced and knowledgeable guests to break down what the financial aid letters say and how to apply that information in real...
Published 03/26/20
There’s almost too much information available about students finding a college with the right “fit” academically and socially, but what about the right financial fit? What’s the difference between a college’s “sticker price” and the actual cost of attendance? What kinds of financial assistance are available to students and their families, and from where? How much debt is okay? And when should families begin talking about paying for college? In this frank and pragmatic conversation, Jayne...
Published 02/20/20
Experts say that as many as 40 percent of today’s students transfer to another institution at least once during their college careers. They choose to transfer in order to lower their college costs, find the right academic program, restart and return to college after a break, and a range of other reasons. Despite transfer’s growing popularity, the process is sometimes difficult because of problems obtaining credit for previous coursework, a lack of adequate academic counseling, troubles...
Published 01/21/20