Demystifying the College Transfer Process: What Students and Families Need to Know
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Experts say that as many as 40 percent of today’s students transfer to another institution at least once during their college careers. They choose to transfer in order to lower their college costs, find the right academic program, restart and return to college after a break, and a range of other reasons. Despite transfer’s growing popularity, the process is sometimes difficult because of problems obtaining credit for previous coursework, a lack of adequate academic counseling, troubles obtaining financial aid, and more. This episode offers tips to potential transfer students and explores ways to make the transfer process between community colleges and 4-year schools more seamless. The conversation examines new honors programs, scholarship opportunities, and pathways to prestigious baccalaureate institutions that are encouraging students and their families to consider the transfer option. In this episode, admission experts—from both the College Admissions Decoded is sponsored by NACAC's National College Fairs. Start your college search for free at a National College Fair, hosted annually in over 90 cities across the country and internationally. Learn more at