As the curtain falls on a controversial summer games, Simon King and Brent Read discuss the best and worst of Rio over one last round of copa-caipirinhas.
Published 08/23/16
Published 08/23/16
Who's the greatest olympian of all? Simon King and Brent Read debate in this episode of Copacabanter, and suggest a few petitions to add to the pile in Rio.
Published 08/22/16
It's time to talk about the c-word that athletes dread, and give Simon King something to crow about at the rowing course.
Published 08/15/16
With the Boomers having rattled the US men's basketball team, Simon King and Brent Read dare to dream, and solve a Copaca-mystery or two along the way.
Published 08/12/16
Australia's dominant women's water polo team highlight the agenda of today's banter that also includes lesser lights like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, and a fresh round of Copa-caipirinhas.
Published 08/10/16
Simon King and Brent Read discuss the growing safety concerns in Rio, and the party in the pool as Australia gets off to a stellar start to the games.
Published 08/08/16
Simon King and Brent Read discuss their early impressions of Rio de Janeiro, and speak to sailor Mat Belcher about the strangest things he's seen in the water of the Olympic course. Music by The Juanitos
Published 08/06/16
Are our athletes helped or hindered by a social media blackout during competition? Simon King and Brent Read discuss on this week's episode of Copacbanter.
Published 08/04/16
Has the IOC passed the buck when it comes to allegations of doping surrounding the Russian team? Simon King and Brent Read discuss the grey area of Olympic drug testing in this week's episode of Copacabanter.
Published 08/04/16
Simon King and Brent Read get into the Olympic spirit in anticipation of Rio 2016.
Published 08/04/16