Brinton and Mark join Rob to chat about their history with the event and chat about what makes Adepticon so special. Adepticon Website Dead Wargamers Society Podcast
Published 11/27/22
Rob is joined by Mike Rossi and Trent Sosebee to kick off a new series on Community Building. In this first episode we focus on how a player can invest to become an engaged stakeholder for the game. Remember, the community building process starts with you!
Published 11/23/22
Published 11/20/22
Kat Royer, Brian Luttrell and Dylan Scribner joins Rob to do a classic deep dive into the Salamander army. Salamander Armies (Kings of War) King of Monsters GT
Published 11/16/22
Join Jeremy, Kyle, Tyler and Elliot Morish as they talk running organized Firefight events and the new FAQ.
Published 11/13/22
Marc Taylor and Kris DeGrow joins Jeremy to break down the Empire of Dust army and how to get the best from it in the greater Kings of War meta.
Published 11/09/22
Join Matt for an all aussie adventure through the list of Riftforged Orcs. Matt is assisted by Nick Legrand and Max Kay as they discuss the best orcs
Published 11/02/22
Jeremy and Rob have a chat about the reception of the new rule book before digressing into their shared love of all things G.I. Joe!
Published 10/30/22
Rob is joined by newer players Scott, Nate, Jason and Daniel from Michigan. They chat about their scene and share their experiences with Kings of War to this point. Metro Detroit Discord Scott’s Etsy Store Counter Charge Podcast Page Direct Misfire Podcast Mantic Universe Podcast Drunk and Disordered One Northern Kings Blog Dash28.org Eons: Mysteries of the Deep Podcast Sonic Sledgehammer Studio Black Magic Craft RFD Hobby Haunt’s Wargaming Little Wars TV Old Hammered Broken Terrain
Published 10/26/22
Join Matt as he catches up with infamous Jon Quayle, UK's number 2 ranked player to talk Clash of Kings UK and the state of the game
Published 10/19/22
Matt and Rob are joined by Ronnie the Bard, sans retainer, to chat about what’s going on at Mantic and to answer YOUR questions! This is the audio version of our Facebook and YouTube Livestream which was recorded on 10/12/22.
Published 10/12/22
Jeremey is joined by some of the combatants to chat about about this year’s Bay of Kings.
Published 10/09/22
Join the team as we chat about our initial reactions to the newly released all in one rule book for Kings of War. What do we think about the changes? Tune in to find out!
Published 10/03/22
Join Matt as he is joined by Dash28 Author Jessica Townshend to discuss her experience as a woman in wargaming, barriers to women being included and wargaming and female representation. Enjoy!
Published 09/28/22
Time to get caught up on what’s going on at Winged Hussar Publishing!
Published 09/18/22
Join Matt and Rob as they tackle a smattering of current issues within the Kings of War community!
Published 09/10/22
Join Matt for this short sharp episode as he takes a knife to the 29 armies of Pannithor and brings them to a more manageable number. Let us know your thoughts!
Published 08/24/22
Tonight we continue what we started last week and share the final batch of content recorded live at this years US Masters from Seattle. So find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy.
Published 08/17/22
Tonight we share the first batch of content recorded live at this years US Masters in Seattle. We did our best to bring you new voices that have not made it on to Counter Charge yet. So find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy.
Published 08/10/22
Tonight we sit down with your current US Master, Adam Ballard, to chat about his experience at the event, breakdown his games and to answer a few of your questions. Find a comfy chair and sit back and enjoy.
Published 08/03/22
Tonight we are joined by the three women who attended this years Masters to chat about what’s it’s like being a woman in the Kings of War Community. Huge thanks to Eileen Marie, Kat Royer and Kara Brown for taking time out of their busy weekend to join us!
Published 07/27/22
Join Matt with a collection of interviews from Shirecon in Sydney Australia
Published 07/20/22
Join the new Counter Charge Firefight team as they talk second edition with Designer Andy Sharp.
Published 07/13/22
Rob chats with Brandon and John from Edmonton about all things Kings of War in Western Canada. Edmonton Mantic Group
Published 07/06/22