If you guys have anything new you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll put it in.
Published 06/01/21
This is solely Flute.
Published 05/27/21
Many things with two kooky guests! C
Published 05/27/21
More stuff from home, and sad news.
Published 05/14/21
This is only Religion, just an explanation of the Parable Of The Weeds. C
Published 05/12/21
I am talking about a bit of everything, including our new cat.
Published 04/27/21
Just a whole bunch of random things going on in my life.
Published 03/31/21
Just a critter again episode!
Published 03/30/21
Just an early morning!
Published 03/18/21
After many hectic/slightly fun weeks, some of our family is coming home! (Which was supposed to be a surprise!) P.S the title is actually 'EVERYONE is coming home'.
Published 03/18/21
Just concours nothing else
Published 03/10/21
No new critters, just jokes!
Published 03/10/21
After a month in quarantine at home I am back at school!
Published 02/11/21
A brief history and a longer present life of a Collie who has visited the corners of Saskatchewan. For her rescuers, Hanna's Haven, who changed our life forever.
Published 12/07/20
Telling mainly about school and a lot of stuff on the Critt’s.
Published 12/03/20
I have a shorter one this week and to those of you in my class, listen carefully! C
Published 11/19/20
Touching in on who I am and my critters.
Published 10/29/20