Mr. Gregory's dark secret | 12
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In the summer of 2020, a listener reached out and asked how Crime Beat stories are selected. She said she was seeking justice for something that happened to her decades earlier when she was a teenager. That was the starting point of this episode. Join Global News senior crime reporter Nancy Hixt as she shares how one woman’s bravery cracked open one of the most high profile sex assault cases in Calgary’s history.  Learn exclusive new details of the police investigation in ‘Mr. Gregory’s dark secret.’  Contact: Twitter: @nancyhixt Facebook: Email: [email protected] See for privacy information.
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Published 06/14/22
On the season finale of Crime Beat, Global News senior crime reporter Nancy Hixt answers your questions. Join her as she gives you behind-the-scenes insight on the podcast, journalism, and the stories she shares on this special episode, “Inside Crime...
Published 06/14/22
On a beautiful September night in 2008, a young couple went out for dinner in downtown Calgary. They walked through a park on their way home and sat down on a bench to soak in the warm, late summer air. Around them, the trees were changing colours . Never once did it cross their mind that it...
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