I grew up thinking I was dumb… My reading level was low, I had dyslexia and I was terrified to talk in front of class. And now I’m a multiple New York Times bestselling author! The truth is, talent wasn’t the driving force behind my success and it isn’t for most successful people I know… So focus on this ONE thing instead to reach your next level of happiness and abundance!
Published 11/15/19
Almost every single successful person I know has enthusiasm… I even know people who are super introverted, but when they talk about their passion they exude excitement! And I think that passion is an absolute MUST to living a happy life and finding success… So I’ll share my secret weapon to becoming enthusiastic about YOUR life in this podcast
Published 11/13/19
Do you have a favorite restaurant, hotel, or grocery store? What makes it your favorite? Have you ever thought about WHY you go back time after time? To me, there’s one secret to standing above your competition, even when the product is exactly the same… And I’ll share it in this podcast :)
Published 11/11/19
Imagine a life where you never had a single thing go wrong… You never overcame anything or accomplished anything, because you never had resistance… So often we strive for that lifestyle, but would that actually make us happy?? The answer is NO, and I’ll explain why in this podcast!
Published 11/08/19
It took me decades to figure this out… But failure and mistakes … are what lead to the most pure happiness. I’m not saying you should TRY to fail by any means… But let me explain why you should embrace when you fail, in this podcast!!
Published 11/06/19
Serious question… Have you ever let your weaknesses define you? If so, I’m willing to bet you’re grading yourself through someone else’s wrong or outdated standards… But to identify our TRUE and sometimes hidden strengths, we need to evaluate ourselves the right way… I’ll explain how on this podcast :)
Published 11/04/19
Does your life ever make you feel like you’re driving really fast, going all over the place without stopping? Life gets busy so it’s easy to feel that way… but consider this: You’re moving so fast…but what are you moving toward?? In this podcast I’ll explain how to identify your mission… and why that will get your life moving in the direction!
Published 11/01/19
How often have you hesitated or said “next time” in your life… And looked back with regret? This happens to almost everyone but what if you had the tactics to overcoming hesitation? In this podcast, I give away my 3 steps to taking immediate action in life so you don’t miss out on your next level!!
Published 10/30/19
Do you feel like a lack of time of the one thing holding you back from reaching your next level? Imagine what your life would look like if you had two more hours every day to work on your goals… I’ve learned a strategy in my career that has given me back HOURS of time every week that I used to lose… And I reveal that strategy in this podcast!
Published 10/28/19
Do you ever feel like success comes so easy for others, but you hammer away and your next level still feels out of reach? You’re not alone… But with this one secret, you’ll understand that success is actually easy. Yes. you read that right… I’ll reveal the reason success seems just out of your reach in this podcast!
Published 10/25/19
Research just showed that 92% of people never reach their goals… And I find that both astonishing and completely unacceptable… So I’ll share the FOUR unique steps to effectively setting, executing and achieving your goals in this podcast!
Published 10/23/19
The fact is, we all want to raise the bar in our life in some ways… Don’t you? Well I’ve obsessed over 3 big things my entire life, that I believe are the secret to who I am today… And the proven path to living a better life. I’ll unleash the 3 must do tactics to instantly begin living a better life on this podcast!
Published 10/21/19
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, or just had a moment during the day… When negative thoughts fill your mind, and then all you can do is pile on more bad thoughts?? This happens to everyone – we think of what’s wrong and even make up worst case scenarios that haven’t even happened… I’ll tell you how to beat that 2 am monster, the thing slowing your success, on this podcast!
Published 10/18/19
Did you know that before you can ever have a true breakthrough...  You have to break something! I'll share the secret to your next success breakthrough in this podcast and how to stop living a "just okay" life!
Published 10/16/19
It really doesn’t matter what you’re trying to succeed at… Building a business, selling a book, being a better parent or spouse… If you want to be successful, you NEED to have these 3 things first… Check out this podcast to learn the secrets that will lead you to success!
Published 10/14/19
Most of us think about time as the hours we have (or don’t!) in a day… But I want to reframe time, because so many of us are robbed of our time and don’t even realize it… And those same 4 things that rob our time, also rob our ability to be happy and fulfilled… I’ll reveal what those 4 things are, and how to eliminate them from your life to get your TIME and HAPPINESS back, in this podcast!
Published 10/11/19
How many times have you had a big win in life… And realized you weren’t feeling confident? I’ll tell you how many – ZERO! Confidence breeds success and happiness, so I’ll reveal how to keep yours at 100% all the time in this BRAND NEW podcast!
Published 10/07/19
You know the feeling when someone you love makes you laugh or smile? The kind of moment when you’re just happy, and your stress and overwhelm disappears… Can you imagine who you’d be as a person if you felt that kind of joy all the time? I’ll explain the secret to living constantly in that positive state on this podcast!
Published 10/07/19
We all feel some level of resistance, fear, hesitation, whatever it is… And that’s a GOOD thing! But letting that resistance stop us from taking action is dangerous… In this podcast, I’ll tell you why embracing and fighting through resistance is the secret to growth, action, and success!
Published 10/04/19
When you think about your ideal life and your desires, do you think about what you want? OR, do you think about what you DON’T want? One of these questions will lead you to happiness, and the other down an endless road without fulfillment, success or joy. I’ll reveal how asking yourself the RIGHT question can be the key to success in this podcast!
Published 10/02/19
Imagine if everything in your life came to you for free, without any work or money… Sounds great at first, but that’s NOT the gateway to a happy life... I’ll explain the reality of happiness and success on this podcast!
Published 09/30/19
When I sit down to write on my computer, sometimes it takes me five tries to spell one word… But I’ve still managed to be a multiple New York Times best selling author… I’ll explain in this podcast why our weaknesses don’t matter and should never hold us back!
Published 09/27/19
Something happened in my personal life that I want to share with you… My stepfather had to get emergency surgery and there was a 50/50 chance he would die, and his first words to me before surgery were about things he regretted. I have a challenge for you this week, the same challenge I have for myself, in this podcast. I think it will really transform your outlook… Take a few minutes to check this one out.You won’t regret it.
Published 09/25/19
I know there’s another level for you to reach, and you do too… That’s the first step. Where people go wrong is in the next step. So many people see their current situation (which doesn’t satisfy them) and tell themselves “I just need to plow through this, my next step will come if I work hard and be patient.” Well that’s not the answer. But I reveal my proven and effective secret for beating that mindset in the my latest podcast!
Published 09/23/19
We all have ideas of something bigger or goals for where we want to take our lives… But so often when we start to follow those ambitions we never make it… There’s a secret to overcoming your subconscious, and I’m going to tell you what it is in this podcast!
Published 09/20/19