I’m not saying it’s always bad to have a backup plan… especially with insurance, retirement plans, etc. But when we give ourselves more than one path, usually we choose the one that’s the least scary or risky… And you know as well as I do, that’s NOT the path to success! So today I’ll reveal to you the best way to plan for the future – the way that leads to your next level :)
Published 01/22/20
When you want to go somewhere, you pull out your GPS… And it asks you where you are, and where you want to go… So why aren’t we using this same method to map out our success? Why do we just assume we’ll find our way? In this podcast I’ll reveal the tactical tools you need to achieve success in a methodical way that actually works!
Published 01/20/20
You see it all the time in business these days… People decide they want to do something, they think it will have a huge appeal, they case a wide net and… It’s a dud. It flops. So in this podcast I’ll teach you how to hone in on your ideal client, to be more efficient with your time and money and ultimately find more success!
Published 01/17/20
We have a tendency to overcomplicate success… But when I look at the most successful people I know, almost all of them have harnessed one simple skill that you can too. I’ll show you what that skill is, and the steps you need in order to master it in this new podcast!
Published 01/15/20
Have you ever looked at someone who seemed “more successful” and thought to yourself: “I should be doing better.” If you have you’re not alone, this is actually one of the biggest obstacles standing between us and our next level… So today I want to reveal the crippling habit so many of us have, and explain the 3 steps to overcoming it in your own life!
Published 01/13/20
I’ve spent too much of my life overlooking what I should’ve been focused on the most… So today, I want to share with you the one thing I wish I would have known in my 20s, my 30s and heck even my 40s. Don’t let another day go by where you focus on the wrong thing… listen now to see what’s holding you back and how to overcome it!
Published 01/10/20
I just had to get personal with you for this one to show that everyone, including me, lives with fears… I talked about my family and my past struggles to show you how I faced my fears head on, and why that was the best decision I ever made. No matter where you are in your life right now, there’s another level waiting for you. And in this podcast I got vulnerable to show you exactly how to reach your next level!
Published 01/08/20
Success doesn’t come in some magic package… you have to build it over time. And that takes consistency and momentum… otherwise you’ll be up and down the rest of your life and career. So today I’m giving you the 3 best ways to gain speed so that you can not only reach, but maintain a successful life and career!
Published 01/06/20
I personally read Chapter 1 of my brand new book "The Underdog Advantage" to show you how to always play like you're 10 points down, so you can crush 2020 starting right now! And you can go get the entire book for FREE (just pay a small shipping cost) by going to this exclusive link for the DG family: dgachieve.com/underdog
Published 01/03/20
I personally read the intro to my brand new book "The Underdog Advantage" so you can gain the right mindset and momentum to make 2020 the most successful year of your life... And now you can get the entire book for FREE (just pay a small shipping cost) by going to this exclusive link for the DG family: dgachieve.com/underdog
Published 01/01/20
Time management is one of the biggest keys to success. Everyone has heard the saying "time is money"... And let me just tell you... it couldn't be more true. In this episode I want to go over how successful people protect their time.
Published 12/30/19
Learn what worked and what didn't and how it can help you maximize your 2020 success
Published 12/27/19
So many times people get stuck in a job they hate... They go to work and put in half effort day after day...  Then in most cases they wait to work hard until they find the ONE thing they think they love. Well today I want to explain why this is actually the WORST mistake you can make.
Published 12/23/19
Did you know most humans only use 40% of their potential? The great Navy SEAL David Goggins taught me that… So can you imagine what you’d accomplish if you could tap into the other 60% that’s just sitting inside you? On this podcast I want to show you my strategy for unlocking your FULL potential – don’t miss this one!
Published 12/20/19
Most people have this idea that you have to be an established author or get a publishing deal to make money selling a book… Well I’m here to tell you that most people are WRONG. In this special training I’ll expose my secrets to self-publish and sell your own book!! No publisher and no previous book success needed… just this podcast
Published 12/18/19
I’ve got ADD, I’m crazy busy running multiple companies and I’m terrible with grammar… Yet I’ve still been able to write some of the most impactful and bestselling books of the last 20 years. In this special podcast training, you’ll learn the blueprint for writing, selling, and marketing a book - the same skills you can use to crush a presentation or earn that raise at your job. Listen now and let us know what you think!
Published 12/16/19
We all do things in our lives that don’t serve us, right? Maybe you watch too much TV or you’re a chocoholic… or maybe your habits are more serious. Whatever your story is, I want to show you in this podcast the method for overcoming bad habits… So you can focus on things that actually help you move toward your goals!!
Published 12/13/19
So many times we say things that ding our confidence. Maybe it's the way you are sitting, the words you are saying, all of these things have an effect on the way you feel and act. That's exactly why I go deep on confidence in this special podcast.
Published 12/11/19
Plenty of people are able to find a job, start a business, and do okay for themselves… But not too many of them have the tools to scale their career and keep growing endlessly. But here’s the truth - if you’ve ever felt like an underdog before (haven’t we all?), then you have the advantages needed to build that momentum in your life… And I’m so happy to have three of my team members with me for our special Fireside Chat (part three)!
Published 12/09/19
So many of us have a business idea, a passion, a dream… But can’t access the means or the courage to take action and start our own thing. The good news is you can actually flip a switch to turn the things that are holding you back, into the very reason you’re able to start!! Three of my team members joined me for this week’s special Fireside Chat (part two), and together we’ll reveal in this podcast how to finally start your own thing :)
Published 12/06/19
If you’ve ever felt like you have small or big disadvantages that have held you back… Then congratulations, because you actually have an unfair advantage… With the right tools (exposed in this podcast), you can flip your past into the fuel for your future success! This week, I asked three of my team members to join me for this special Fireside Chat podcast, to show YOU how pretty much anyone can turn their disadvantages into their superpowers :)
Published 12/04/19
There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive… And if we don’t spend time on what moves the needle toward our next level… Then we get stuck. So I spent this podcast exposing my secret to making a path toward success more simple and straight, to help you reach your goals faster!
Published 12/02/19
If there’s anything I’ve learned during my career as an entrepreneur... It’s that sustained success takes a combination of 3 major factors... And my amazing wife Lisa joined me for this special Thanksgiving podcast to reveal how to implement these 3 things into your life and career :)
Published 11/28/19
Have you ever been in a situation that was so insanely scary for you...  And now looking back on it, you know you didn't need to be afraid? In this podcast i'll explain how to flip the switch in your life that could reduce hesitation and accelerate your success!
Published 11/27/19
Can you remember a time when you felt an urgency, or even desperation because things were tough? Maybe you just weren’t finding that breakthrough…  maybe you couldn’t get that first client or sale… heck maybe you had bills to pay and not enough money to pay them. We’ve almost all felt urgency or desperation at some time in our lives… And in this podcast I’ll teach you how to use that to unlock persuasive power and reach your goals!!
Published 11/25/19