“”I realize when I’m in a crisis , when I have “f****d up” , my response is “You f*****g idiot, How could you? Of course! What did you expect?” If I spoke to my friends like I used to speak to myself, I would have no friends. So, if you do talk to yourself out loud, and I do, make sure the words are Loving, Supportive and Nourishing. Start the work of being your own best friend. “” -Wentworth Miller. ...
Published 05/13/22
At the bane of our existence is a level of “selfishness” as to the reasons we do what we do. I had a premonition about this one 😁. Listen and enjoy. Love, D
Published 05/05/22
Remember to find your centre and to be thankful. There's so much to be grateful for.
Published 04/22/22
There is always something to be grateful for. Always a positive. And this time around I’m “reprimanded” in front of everyone to smile, always be happy, and always look in the sunny-side. Listen and enjoy. ❤️, D
Published 03/22/22
Happy International Women's Day even though as at recording time I didn’t realize 🙈😁. Listen to the past 2 weeks of 28 in 30minutes while we vibe to Asa’s V. It’s such a FIRE! 🔥 album. My favorites are Ocean, Nike, Morning Man and of course Good Times ft The Cave Men. https://music.apple.com/ng/album/v/1606768663 . Check out @eyowo “The Better Bank” on https://www.eyowo.com and Asah-Bara’s exquisite work on https://instagram.com/asah_bara?utm_medium=copy_link their joint event Strings and...
Published 03/09/22
We became 1 four days ago 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻. I guess countdowns have become the tradition. I haven’t gotten around to releasing the episode cus mentally and emotionally I haven’t been at my best since then. I decided the month mustn’t roll by without putting it out there. So here you go guys. The podcast is 1 and I am a year wiser. Have fun listening my people. ❤️, D
Published 02/28/22
One minute its 22/01/2021, the next it’s 22/02/2022. Like for real though the podcast is a year old already. Mehn! I can’t describe how I feel well enough and I’m not sure yet how we are going into season 2 but I trust to be inspired. From last week’s episode you must have gotten the “time waits for no man” vibe. Well I’m still at it cus everyday it becomes even more glaring. If you don’t meet life’s Energy and even surpass it, it comes at you fast. You suddenly find you are not meeting...
Published 02/22/22
In this weeks episode, Diamond shares her exasperation with time management. She talks about how the time might never be “perfect” to do what she needs to do but self discipline has to come through in those times. Routines and habits have to be formed no matter how one feels or how motivated one is. Listen and enjoy
Published 02/14/22
3weeks away and it felt like forever. Consistency is one tough bitch and proper time management almost seems like a mirage butt we move! I intend to keep trying, to keep going, to keep getting better, to keep coming back. This episode was interrupted towards the end by my Mother (🤦🏽‍♀️ when you don’t live alone). And I can’t edit or even finish because I was recording directly on Anchor but once again, WE MOVE! Have an amazing February guys… ❤️
Published 02/02/22
Happy 2022 you guys. I realized something as "irrelevant" as how I clap my hands together is as a result of something I copied from an older person when I was much younger for absolutely no reason at all.  She imprinted on me.  What are the things that have subconsciously imprinted on us over our lifetime? What are the things imprinting on us in this very moment that would outrightly form who we become and the character traits we have 10/20/30 years from now? Stay present because that's...
Published 01/11/22
Happy New Years Eve Diamonds. I know the tendency to want to stress and worry about how the new year would go is a reality. You've made those plans, drafted them vision boards, laid out them goals and you just might be worrying that something might go wrong and just so many "what ifs". Do not self sabotage my friend. In this episode, Diamond shares her determination to stay calm and at peace no matter what the new year brings and just to keep living daily, enjoying life and watch all her...
Published 12/31/21
Dearest Diamond,  Feeling high? This too shall pass. Feeling low? This too shall pass. In week 37, Diamond finds herself thinking back on how the year played out and reflecting on a time when she was depressed af. Good thing is the dark times teach us the most worthy lessons. Listen and Enjoy. Love, D PS: Don't hesitate to send me a message on IG @dearest.diamond to answer my question on what financial decision you would have made if you were in my shoes.
Published 12/22/21
Doubt is such a kill joy but I beat it. Vibe to The Cavemen on week 36 as I share my experience during the process of creating my vision board for 2022 and also share a few words from John Maxwell that's helping me pull through. I am a success and so are you. Listen and enjoy Love, D
Published 12/15/21
Have you ever created a vision board?  I am 27 and I have never had a vision board. Asides the sticky notes thingy I did on my wall this year, this would be my first intentional one. In this episode I share all about why I am doing this, and how the previous episode "Every new day is a new year" is spurring me to take on every day with more gusto even as I prepare and plan for the "new year". Yes, I cant wait to have all the fun finding, printing and cutting pictures, but above that I also...
Published 12/08/21
Life happened again. Bad laptop, circumstances beyond ones control.  Thankful for the grace to make new plans and remind myself that tomorrow is a good day to continue and to even start all over again. Go ahead and listen to gist on the past few days, being aware and making sure I happen to life, making new plans and preparing for the new year. Gave you followed me on Instagram @dearest.diamond?
Published 11/30/21
Our first guest, and we are talking prayer. How coincidental. I had had an admonition just two days before and then God decided to send Amoge my way with words that I just had to share with you. Week 30 is Special and you should listen.  PS: Listen to the end to hear my opinion on the metaverse madness.
Published 11/03/21
A year later, and justice has not been served to our 20/10/2020 heroes. Listen to a voice recording I made from a year ago, even before I started the podcast. Listen to my pain about a country that could have been and my hopes for a country that has got to be. This was daring for me. I hope you enjoy it and send me feedback on actions you agree we can take to steer us in the right direction as a people. Have a blessed week. Love, D
Published 10/24/21
hey hey I missed you. Lets keep talking.
Published 10/17/21
Recording, editing, uploading and altogether just putting this episode out there was an outright chore. For the first time I made a video while recording and I got only two out of twenty minutes recording. I was happy nontheless. I am indeed learning to make do with all I have got. Live my best life despite whatever comes my way. I AFFIRM: Nothing I am faced with is ever bigger than me.  Listen and enjoy. Yours, D
Published 09/24/21
This week we vibe to a bit of Donda. Kanye blessed me with this album and I decided to bless you too. In this episode you get a slight glimpse into the kind of things Diamond writes to herself when journaling, the kind of things that go through her mind and the lessons she takes away from life every other day. AFFIRM: Nothing that I am confronted with is ever bigger than me. I am genius and I have genius ideas that I execute daily. I am the solution. INDEX Asoebi - an attire that you...
Published 09/09/21
What kind of story are you writing about your life? What kind of dramas are you acting in your head? You are the writer and the star actor of this life movie. Make the most out of it. I was feeling very distracted this past week but I shook it off and I am here now. After all what kind of scriptwriter or star would I even be if I let anything stand in my way. You can handle this lady called life too. Write a darn good story. Love, D
Published 08/31/21
Buddha said, "What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.  Dearest Diamond, what are you thinking?  With everything happening in the world and all the daily bad news, are you guarding your gates?  This week had Diamond pondering on her thoughts and bringing it under subjection. Your thought are things indeed. Go ahead and listen to understand why you must think greatness and keep vigilant watch over your heart for that's where life starts. Follow...
Published 08/20/21
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. What would you do if you had no fear? I would fight a lot harder for my country's sanity if I was less afraid. This week has Diamond in high spirits and completely aware of who she is in all her glory.
Published 08/14/21
In week 19, Diamond speaks her truth in a letter she wrote to you. For me, Happiness is making progress she says. Listen. Share. Subscribe. Follow me on Instagram @dearest.diamond Love, D
Published 08/07/21