38) Dearest Diamond, Enjoy yourself. No pressure.
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Happy New Years Eve Diamonds. I know the tendency to want to stress and worry about how the new year would go is a reality. You've made those plans, drafted them vision boards, laid out them goals and you just might be worrying that something might go wrong and just so many "what ifs". Do not self sabotage my friend. In this episode, Diamond shares her determination to stay calm and at peace no matter what the new year brings and just to keep living daily, enjoying life and watch all her dreams come through. NO PRESSURE!
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“”I realize when I’m in a crisis , when I have “f****d up” , my response is “You f*****g idiot, How could you? Of course! What did you expect?” If I spoke to my friends like I used to speak to myself, I would have no friends. So, if you do...
Published 05/13/22
At the bane of our existence is a level of “selfishness” as to the reasons we do what we do. I had a premonition about this one 😁. Listen and enjoy. Love, D
Published 05/05/22